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type Access added in v1.0.0

type Access struct {
	OverriddenType string

Access is the embedded implementation of autoSeal that contains logic specific to encrypting and decrypting data, or in this case keys.

func NewTestSeal added in v1.0.0

func NewTestSeal(opts *TestSealOpts) *Access

func (*Access) Decrypt added in v1.0.0

func (a *Access) Decrypt(ctx context.Context, data *wrapping.EncryptedBlobInfo, aad []byte) (pt []byte, err error)

Decrypt uses the underlying seal to decrypt the cryptotext and returns it. Note that it is possible depending on the wrapper used that both pt and err are populated.

func (*Access) Encrypt added in v1.0.0

func (a *Access) Encrypt(ctx context.Context, plaintext, aad []byte) (blob *wrapping.EncryptedBlobInfo, err error)

Encrypt uses the underlying seal to encrypt the plaintext and returns it.

func (*Access) SetType added in v1.4.0

func (a *Access) SetType(t string)

func (*Access) Type added in v1.4.0

func (a *Access) Type() string

type Envelope added in v1.0.0

type Envelope struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewEnvelope added in v1.0.0

func NewEnvelope() *Envelope

func (*Envelope) Decrypt added in v1.0.0

func (e *Envelope) Decrypt(data *wrapping.EnvelopeInfo, aad []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*Envelope) Encrypt added in v1.0.0

func (e *Envelope) Encrypt(plaintext, aad []byte) (*wrapping.EnvelopeInfo, error)

type StoredKeysSupport added in v1.4.0

type StoredKeysSupport int
const (
	// The 0 value of StoredKeysSupport is an invalid option
	StoredKeysInvalid StoredKeysSupport = iota

func (StoredKeysSupport) String added in v1.4.0

func (s StoredKeysSupport) String() string

type TestSealOpts added in v1.4.0

type TestSealOpts struct {
	Logger     hclog.Logger
	StoredKeys StoredKeysSupport
	Secret     []byte
	Name       string

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