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var (
	LowercaseCharset   = sortCharset("abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz")
	UppercaseCharset   = sortCharset("ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ")
	NumericCharset     = sortCharset("0123456789")
	FullSymbolCharset  = sortCharset("!\"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\\]^_`{|}~")
	ShortSymbolCharset = sortCharset("-")

	AlphabeticCharset              = sortCharset(UppercaseCharset + LowercaseCharset)
	AlphaNumericCharset            = sortCharset(AlphabeticCharset + NumericCharset)
	AlphaNumericShortSymbolCharset = sortCharset(AlphaNumericCharset + ShortSymbolCharset)
	AlphaNumericFullSymbolCharset  = sortCharset(AlphaNumericCharset + FullSymbolCharset)

	LowercaseRuneset   = []rune(LowercaseCharset)
	UppercaseRuneset   = []rune(UppercaseCharset)
	NumericRuneset     = []rune(NumericCharset)
	FullSymbolRuneset  = []rune(FullSymbolCharset)
	ShortSymbolRuneset = []rune(ShortSymbolCharset)

	AlphabeticRuneset              = []rune(AlphabeticCharset)
	AlphaNumericRuneset            = []rune(AlphaNumericCharset)
	AlphaNumericShortSymbolRuneset = []rune(AlphaNumericShortSymbolCharset)
	AlphaNumericFullSymbolRuneset  = []rune(AlphaNumericFullSymbolCharset)

	// DefaultStringGenerator has reasonable default rules for generating strings
	DefaultStringGenerator = &StringGenerator{
		Length: 20,
		Rules: []Rule{
				Charset:  LowercaseRuneset,
				MinChars: 1,
				Charset:  UppercaseRuneset,
				MinChars: 1,
				Charset:  NumericRuneset,
				MinChars: 1,
				Charset:  ShortSymbolRuneset,
				MinChars: 1,


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type CharsetRule

type CharsetRule struct {
	// CharsetRule is the list of rules that candidate strings must contain a minimum number of.
	Charset runes `mapstructure:"charset" json:"charset"`

	// MinChars indicates the minimum (inclusive) number of characters from the charset that should appear in the string.
	MinChars int `mapstructure:"min-chars" json:"min-chars"`

CharsetRule requires a certain number of characters from the specified charset.

func (CharsetRule) Chars

func (c CharsetRule) Chars() []rune

Chars returns the charset that this rule is looking for.

func (CharsetRule) MinLength

func (c CharsetRule) MinLength() int

func (CharsetRule) Pass

func (c CharsetRule) Pass(value []rune) bool

Pass returns true if the provided candidate string has a minimum number of chars in it. This adheres to the Rule interface

func (CharsetRule) Type

func (c CharsetRule) Type() string

type PolicyParser

type PolicyParser struct {
	// RuleRegistry maps rule names in HCL to Rule constructors.
	RuleRegistry Registry

PolicyParser parses string generator configuration from HCL.

func (PolicyParser) ParsePolicy

func (p PolicyParser) ParsePolicy(raw string) (sg StringGenerator, err error)

ParsePolicy parses the provided HCL into a StringGenerator.

type Registry

type Registry struct {
	// Rules maps names of rules to a constructor for the rule
	Rules map[string]ruleConstructor

Registry of HCL rule names to rule constructors.

type Rule

type Rule interface {
	// Pass should return true if the provided value passes any assertions this Rule is making.
	Pass(value []rune) bool

	// Type returns the name of the rule as associated in the registry
	Type() string

Rule to assert on string values.

func ParseCharset

func ParseCharset(data map[string]interface{}) (rule Rule, err error)

ParseCharset from the provided data map. The data map is expected to be parsed from HCL.

type StringGenerator

type StringGenerator struct {
	// Length of the string to generate.
	Length int `mapstructure:"length" json:"length"`

	// Rules the generated strings must adhere to.
	Rules serializableRules `mapstructure:"-" json:"rule"` // This is "rule" in JSON so it matches the HCL property type
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

StringGenerator generats random strings from the provided charset & adhering to a set of rules. The set of rules are things like CharsetRule which requires a certain number of characters from a sub-charset.

func ParsePolicy

func ParsePolicy(raw string) (gen StringGenerator, err error)

ParsePolicy is a convenience function for parsing HCL into a StringGenerator. See PolicyParser.ParsePolicy for details.

func ParsePolicyBytes

func ParsePolicyBytes(raw []byte) (gen StringGenerator, err error)

ParsePolicyBytes is a convenience function for parsing HCL into a StringGenerator. See PolicyParser.ParsePolicy for details.

func (*StringGenerator) Generate

func (g *StringGenerator) Generate(ctx context.Context, rng io.Reader) (str string, err error)

Generate a random string from the charset and adhering to the provided rules. The io.Reader is optional. If not provided, it will default to the reader from crypto/rand

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