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var ClientVersion = "0.5-SNAPSHOT" //TODO This should be replace with a build time version variable, BuildInfo etc.


func GetCurrentTargetReplicaAddress

func GetCurrentTargetReplicaAddress(pn core.PNCounter) core.Address

GetCurrentTargetReplicaAddress returns the current target replica address to which this proxy is sending invocations. It is public for testing purposes.


type AddressProvider

type AddressProvider interface {
	LoadAddresses() []core.Address

type AddressTranslator

type AddressTranslator interface {

	// Translate translates the given address to another address specific
	// to network or service
	Translate(address core.Address) core.Address

AddressTranslator is used to resolve private ip address of cloud services.

type Connection

type Connection struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Connection) StartTime

func (c *Connection) StartTime() int64

func (*Connection) String

func (c *Connection) String() string

type HazelcastClient

type HazelcastClient struct {
	InvocationService    invocationService
	Config               *config.Config
	PartitionService     *partitionService
	SerializationService spi.SerializationService

	ConnectionManager connectionManager
	ListenerService   *listenerService
	ClusterService    *clusterService
	ProxyManager      *proxyManager
	LoadBalancer      core.LoadBalancer
	HeartBeatService  *heartBeatService
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewHazelcastClient

func NewHazelcastClient(config *config.Config) (*HazelcastClient, error)

func (*HazelcastClient) Cluster

func (c *HazelcastClient) Cluster() core.Cluster

func (*HazelcastClient) GetDistributedObject

func (c *HazelcastClient) GetDistributedObject(serviceName string, name string) (core.DistributedObject, error)

func (*HazelcastClient) GetFlakeIDGenerator

func (c *HazelcastClient) GetFlakeIDGenerator(name string) (core.FlakeIDGenerator, error)

func (*HazelcastClient) GetList

func (c *HazelcastClient) GetList(name string) (core.List, error)

func (*HazelcastClient) GetMap

func (c *HazelcastClient) GetMap(name string) (core.Map, error)

func (*HazelcastClient) GetMultiMap

func (c *HazelcastClient) GetMultiMap(name string) (core.MultiMap, error)

func (*HazelcastClient) GetPNCounter

func (c *HazelcastClient) GetPNCounter(name string) (core.PNCounter, error)

func (*HazelcastClient) GetQueue

func (c *HazelcastClient) GetQueue(name string) (core.Queue, error)

func (*HazelcastClient) GetReliableTopic

func (c *HazelcastClient) GetReliableTopic(name string) (core.Topic, error)

func (*HazelcastClient) GetReplicatedMap

func (c *HazelcastClient) GetReplicatedMap(name string) (core.ReplicatedMap, error)

func (*HazelcastClient) GetRingbuffer

func (c *HazelcastClient) GetRingbuffer(name string) (core.Ringbuffer, error)

func (*HazelcastClient) GetSet

func (c *HazelcastClient) GetSet(name string) (core.Set, error)

func (*HazelcastClient) GetTopic

func (c *HazelcastClient) GetTopic(name string) (core.Topic, error)

func (*HazelcastClient) LifecycleService

func (c *HazelcastClient) LifecycleService() core.LifecycleService

func (*HazelcastClient) Name

func (c *HazelcastClient) Name() string

func (*HazelcastClient) Shutdown

func (c *HazelcastClient) Shutdown()

type LazyReadResultSet

type LazyReadResultSet struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewLazyReadResultSet

func NewLazyReadResultSet(readCount int32, itemsData []serialization.Data, itemSeqs []int64,
	ss spi.SerializationService) (rs *LazyReadResultSet)

func (*LazyReadResultSet) Get

func (rs *LazyReadResultSet) Get(index int32) (result interface{}, err error)

func (*LazyReadResultSet) ReadCount

func (rs *LazyReadResultSet) ReadCount() int32

func (*LazyReadResultSet) Sequence

func (rs *LazyReadResultSet) Sequence(index int32) (sequence int64, err error)

func (*LazyReadResultSet) Size

func (rs *LazyReadResultSet) Size() int32

type ReliableTopicProxy

type ReliableTopicProxy struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ReliableTopicProxy) AddMessageListener

func (r *ReliableTopicProxy) AddMessageListener(messageListener core.MessageListener) (registrationID string, err error)

func (*ReliableTopicProxy) Destroy

func (r *ReliableTopicProxy) Destroy() (bool, error)

func (ReliableTopicProxy) Name

func (p ReliableTopicProxy) Name() string

func (ReliableTopicProxy) PartitionKey

func (p ReliableTopicProxy) PartitionKey() string

func (*ReliableTopicProxy) Publish

func (r *ReliableTopicProxy) Publish(message interface{}) (err error)

func (*ReliableTopicProxy) RemoveMessageListener

func (r *ReliableTopicProxy) RemoveMessageListener(registrationID string) (removed bool, err error)

func (*ReliableTopicProxy) Ringbuffer

func (r *ReliableTopicProxy) Ringbuffer() core.Ringbuffer

func (ReliableTopicProxy) ServiceName

func (p ReliableTopicProxy) ServiceName() string