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func QueryDelegationRewards

func QueryDelegationRewards(cliCtx context.CLIContext, queryRoute, delAddr, valAddr string) ([]byte, error)

QueryDelegationRewards queries a delegation rewards.

func QueryDelegatorTotalRewards

func QueryDelegatorTotalRewards(cliCtx context.CLIContext, queryRoute, delAddr string) ([]byte, error)

QueryDelegatorTotalRewards queries delegator total rewards.

func QueryDelegatorValidators

func QueryDelegatorValidators(cliCtx context.CLIContext, queryRoute string, delegatorAddr sdk.AccAddress) ([]byte, error)

QueryDelegatorValidators returns delegator's list of validators it submitted delegations to.

func QueryValidatorCommission

func QueryValidatorCommission(cliCtx context.CLIContext, queryRoute string, validatorAddr sdk.ValAddress) ([]byte, error)

QueryValidatorCommission returns a validator's commission.

func WithdrawAllDelegatorRewards

func WithdrawAllDelegatorRewards(cliCtx context.CLIContext, queryRoute string, delegatorAddr sdk.AccAddress) ([]sdk.Msg, error)

WithdrawAllDelegatorRewards builds a multi-message slice to be used to withdraw all delegations rewards for the given delegator.

func WithdrawValidatorRewardsAndCommission

func WithdrawValidatorRewardsAndCommission(validatorAddr sdk.ValAddress) ([]sdk.Msg, error)

WithdrawValidatorRewardsAndCommission builds a two-message message slice to be used to withdraw both validation's commission and self-delegation reward.


type PrettyParams

type PrettyParams struct {
	CommunityTax        json.RawMessage `json:"community_tax"`
	BaseProposerReward  json.RawMessage `json:"base_proposer_reward"`
	BonusProposerReward json.RawMessage `json:"bonus_proposer_reward"`
	WithdrawAddrEnabled json.RawMessage `json:"withdraw_addr_enabled"`

Convenience struct for CLI output

func NewPrettyParams

func NewPrettyParams(communityTax json.RawMessage, baseProposerReward json.RawMessage, bonusProposerReward json.RawMessage, withdrawAddrEnabled json.RawMessage) PrettyParams

Construct a new PrettyParams

func QueryParams

func QueryParams(cliCtx context.CLIContext, queryRoute string) (PrettyParams, error)

QueryParams actually queries distribution params.

func (PrettyParams) String

func (pp PrettyParams) String() string

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