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func MethodNotAllowedHandler

func MethodNotAllowedHandler(method string) func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

MethodNotAllowedHandler returns a method not allowed handler - Implements vestigo.MethodNotAllowedHandlerFunc

func NotFoundHandler

func NotFoundHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

NotFoundHandler is the generic not found handler to return a problem


type Measurer

type Measurer interface {
	Measure(name string, handler http.Handler) http.HandlerFunc

Measurer can setup a Measured chain

func NewBase

func NewBase(b alice.Chain, timer middleware.Timer, logger middleware.Logger) Measurer

NewBase gets a new measurer with the provided base chain Expected usage: t, err := middleware.NewNewrelicTimer(env, serviceName, nrKey) if err != nil {

log.Fatalf("Could not instantiate newrelic timer: %v", err)

} b := chain.NewBase(alice.New(), t, middleware.NewLogrusLogger(logrus.NewEntry(logrus.New()))) router.Get("/user", b.Measure("get users", user.Get()))

func NewBaseWithExtras

func NewBaseWithExtras(b alice.Chain, timer middleware.Timer, logger middleware.Logger, constructors ...alice.Constructor) Measurer

NewBaseWithExtras similar to NewBase but allows users to pass in a set of additional constructors to append the the base chain

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