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func NewDaemon

func NewDaemon(opts ...Opt) dex.Daemon

NewDaemon creates an `daemon.Daemon` object

func NewDaemonWithConfig

func NewDaemonWithConfig(config *service.Config, opts ...Opt) dex.Daemon

NewDaemonWithConfig creates an `daemon.Daemon` object


type BaseIrisImpl added in v1.7.27

type BaseIrisImpl struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRouterBaseIrisImpl added in v1.7.27

func NewRouterBaseIrisImpl() BaseIrisImpl

func (*BaseIrisImpl) App added in v1.7.27

func (d *BaseIrisImpl) App() http.Handler

func (*BaseIrisImpl) BuildRoutes added in v1.7.27

func (d *BaseIrisImpl) BuildRoutes()

func (*BaseIrisImpl) Handler added in v1.7.27

func (d *BaseIrisImpl) Handler() http.Handler

func (*BaseIrisImpl) PostServe added in v1.7.27

func (d *BaseIrisImpl) PostServe() (err error)

func (*BaseIrisImpl) PrePreServe added in v1.7.27

func (d *BaseIrisImpl) PrePreServe()

func (*BaseIrisImpl) PreServe added in v1.7.27

func (d *BaseIrisImpl) PreServe() (err error)

func (*BaseIrisImpl) Serve added in v1.7.27

func (d *BaseIrisImpl) Serve(srv *http.Server, listener net.Listener, certFile, keyFile string) (err error)

func (*BaseIrisImpl) Shutdown added in v1.7.30

func (d *BaseIrisImpl) Shutdown(ctx context.Context) error

type ForLoggerInitializing added in v1.7.27

type ForLoggerInitializing interface {

ForLoggerInitializing can be used for your logger initializing inside a router, such as iris.Use(logger.New()).

type GracefulShutdown added in v1.7.30

type GracefulShutdown interface {
	Shutdown(ctx context.Context) error

GracefulShutdown expose a Shutdown method to parent

type Opt added in v1.7.27

type Opt func(d *daemonImpl)

func WithBackendType added in v1.7.27

func WithBackendType(typ muxType) Opt

func WithRouterImpl added in v1.7.27

func WithRouterImpl(r RouterMux) Opt

type RouterMux added in v1.7.27

type RouterMux interface {

	Handler() http.Handler
	App() http.Handler

	PreServe() (err error)
	Serve(srv *http.Server, listener net.Listener, certFile, keyFile string) (err error)
	PostServe() (err error)

RouterMux wrap a generic mux object

type SpecialRun added in v1.8.1

type SpecialRun interface {
	Run(config *tls.CmdrTLSConfig, srv *http.Server, hotReloadListener net.Listener) (err error)

SpecialRun provides the ability how a RouterMux object listen-and-serv to ...


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