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func LHIMakeDecisionToPort added in v1.8.7

func LHIMakeDecisionToPort(intPort int, tls bool) (fAddr, sPort string)

LHIMakeDecisionToPort try getting the port number from configurations and environments

func NewDaemon

func NewDaemon(opts ...Opt) dex.Daemon

NewDaemon creates an `daemon.Daemon` object

func NewDaemonWithConfig

func NewDaemonWithConfig(config *service.Config, opts ...Opt) dex.Daemon

NewDaemonWithConfig creates an `daemon.Daemon` object


type BaseIrisImpl added in v1.7.27

type BaseIrisImpl struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRouterBaseIrisImpl added in v1.7.27

func NewRouterBaseIrisImpl() BaseIrisImpl

func (*BaseIrisImpl) App added in v1.7.27

func (d *BaseIrisImpl) App() http.Handler

func (*BaseIrisImpl) BuildRoutes added in v1.7.27

func (d *BaseIrisImpl) BuildRoutes()

func (*BaseIrisImpl) Handler added in v1.7.27

func (d *BaseIrisImpl) Handler() http.Handler

func (*BaseIrisImpl) PostServe added in v1.7.27

func (d *BaseIrisImpl) PostServe() (err error)

func (*BaseIrisImpl) PrePreServe added in v1.7.27

func (d *BaseIrisImpl) PrePreServe()

func (*BaseIrisImpl) PreServe added in v1.7.27

func (d *BaseIrisImpl) PreServe() (err error)

func (*BaseIrisImpl) Serve added in v1.7.27

func (d *BaseIrisImpl) Serve(srv *http.Server, listener net.Listener, certFile, keyFile string) (err error)

func (*BaseIrisImpl) Shutdown added in v1.7.30

func (d *BaseIrisImpl) Shutdown(ctx context.Context) error

type ForLoggerInitializing added in v1.7.27

type ForLoggerInitializing interface {

ForLoggerInitializing can be used for your logger initializing inside a router, such as iris.Use(logger.New()).

type GracefulShutdown added in v1.7.30

type GracefulShutdown interface {
	Shutdown(ctx context.Context) error

GracefulShutdown expose a Shutdown method to parent

type Opt added in v1.7.27

type Opt func(d *daemonImpl)

func WithBackendType added in v1.7.27

func WithBackendType(typ muxType) Opt

func WithRouterImpl added in v1.7.27

func WithRouterImpl(r RouterMux) Opt

type RouterMux added in v1.7.27

type RouterMux interface {

	Handler() http.Handler
	App() http.Handler

	PreServe() (err error)
	Serve(srv *http.Server, listener net.Listener, certFile, keyFile string) (err error)
	PostServe() (err error)

RouterMux wrap a generic mux object

type SpecialRun added in v1.8.1

type SpecialRun interface {
	Run(config *tls.CmdrTLSConfig, srv *http.Server, hotReloadListener net.Listener) (err error)

SpecialRun provides the ability how a RouterMux object listen-and-serv to ...


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