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const (


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type TextFormatter

type TextFormatter struct {
	// Set to true to bypass checking for a TTY before outputting colors.
	ForceColors bool

	// Force disabling colors.
	DisableColors bool

	// Override coloring based on CLICOLOR and CLICOLOR_FORCE. -
	EnvironmentOverrideColors bool

	// Disable timestamp logging. useful when output is redirected to logging
	// system that already adds timestamps.
	DisableTimestamp bool

	// Enable logging the full timestamp when a TTY is attached instead of just
	// the time passed since beginning of execution.
	FullTimestamp bool

	// TimestampFormat to use for display when a full timestamp is printed
	TimestampFormat string

	// The fields are sorted by default for a consistent output. For applications
	// that log extremely frequently and don't use the JSON formatter this may not
	// be desired.
	DisableSorting bool

	// The keys sorting function, when uninitialized it uses sort.Strings.
	SortingFunc func([]string)

	// Disables the truncation of the level text to 4 characters.
	DisableLevelTruncation bool

	// QuoteEmptyFields will wrap empty fields in quotes if true
	QuoteEmptyFields bool

	// FieldMap allows users to customize the names of keys for default fields.
	// As an example:
	// formatter := &TextFormatter{
	//     FieldMap: FieldMap{
	//         FieldKeyTime:  "@timestamp",
	//         FieldKeyLevel: "@level",
	//         FieldKeyMsg:   "@message"}}
	FieldMap logrus.FieldMap

	// CallerPrettyfier can be set by the user to modify the content
	// of the function and file keys in the json data when ReportCaller is
	// activated. If any of the returned value is the empty string the
	// corresponding key will be removed from json fields.
	CallerPrettyfier func(*runtime.Frame) (function string, file string)

	Skip       int
	EnableSkip bool

	RelativePath bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TextFormatter formats logs into text

func (*TextFormatter) Format

func (f *TextFormatter) Format(entry *logrus.Entry) ([]byte, error)

Format renders a single log entry

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