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Package addr provides utility functions to handle peer addresses.



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type Slice

type Slice []ma.Multiaddr

Slice is a simple slice of addresses that implements the AddrSource interface.

func (Slice) Addrs

func (as Slice) Addrs() []ma.Multiaddr

type Source

type Source interface {
	Addrs() []ma.Multiaddr

AddrSource is a source of addresses. It allows clients to retrieve a set of addresses at a last possible moment in time. It is used to query a set of addresses that may change over time, as a result of the network changing interfaces or mappings.

func CombineSources

func CombineSources(srcs ...Source) Source

CombineSources returns a new AddrSource which is the concatenation of all input AddrSources:

combined := CombinedSources(a, b)
combined.Addrs() // append(a.Addrs(), b.Addrs()...)

func UniqueSource

func UniqueSource(srcs ...Source) Source

UniqueSource returns a new AddrSource which omits duplicate addresses from the inputs:

unique := UniqueSource(a, b)
unique.Addrs() // append(a.Addrs(), b.Addrs()...)
               // but only adds each addr once.

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