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const (
	UIDPropertyName                 PropertyName = "UID"
	CommentPropertyName                          = "COMMENT"
	OrganizerPropertyName                        = "ORGANIZER"
	AttendeePropertyName                         = "ATTENDEE"
	ExceptionDateTimesPropertyName               = "EXDATE"
	RecurrenceDateTimesPropertyName              = "RDATE"
	RecurrenceRulePropertyName                   = "RRULE"
	LocationPropertyName                         = "LOCATION"
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const (
	CanonicalNameParameterName  ParameterName = "CN"
	TimeZoneIdPropertyName                    = "TZID"
	ValuePropertyName                         = "VALUE"
	AlternateRepresentationName               = "ALTREP"


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func MarshalProperty

func MarshalProperty(p *Property) string


type CanDecodeParams

type CanDecodeParams interface {
	DecodeICalParams(Params) error

type CanDecodeValue

type CanDecodeValue interface {
	DecodeICalValue(string) error

type CanEncodeName

type CanEncodeName interface {
	EncodeICalName() (PropertyName, error)

type CanEncodeParams

type CanEncodeParams interface {
	EncodeICalParams() (Params, error)

type CanEncodeTag

type CanEncodeTag interface {
	EncodeICalTag() (string, error)

type CanEncodeValue

type CanEncodeValue interface {
	EncodeICalValue() (string, error)

type CanValidateValue

type CanValidateValue interface {
	ValidateICalValue() error

type ParameterName

type ParameterName string

type Params

type Params map[ParameterName]string

type Property

type Property struct {
	Name                PropertyName
	Value, DefaultValue string
	Params              Params
	OmitEmpty, Required bool

func NewProperty

func NewProperty(name, value string) *Property

func PropertyFromInterface

func PropertyFromInterface(target interface{}) (p *Property, err error)

func PropertyFromStructField

func PropertyFromStructField(fs reflect.StructField) (p *Property)

func UnmarshalProperty

func UnmarshalProperty(line string) *Property

func (*Property) HasNameAndValue

func (p *Property) HasNameAndValue() bool

func (*Property) Merge

func (p *Property) Merge(override *Property)

type PropertyName

type PropertyName string

func (PropertyName) Equals

func (p PropertyName) Equals(test string) bool

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