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Gohint is an alternative linter for Go source code. It is based on golint and inspired by jshint. That is, basically gohint is the same golint plus configuration (plus some extra checks, plus report generators, plus... :) )

To install, run

  go get github.com/hellosuper/gohint

Any other documentation you can check at golint's README. At the moment there is not so much difference, but I'm not sure what will happen in future :)

Why you may need it? As golint says:

The suggestions made by golint are exactly that: suggestions.
Golint is not perfect, and has both false positives and false negatives.

But sometimes you want those suggestions to work, so you start to use the tool in your continuous integration. And after that you begin to realize that many of those suggestions do not fit your project and just add noise to health report.

That's why you can try gohint - you can configure it, so it will scream only in case of problems that really hurt your project. Don't try to filter the noise, define your rules and do not produce such noise! :)

Also it can produce reports in various formats, so integration to your CI cycle becomes even easier. At the moment it supports only 2 formats: plain text and Checkstyle XML.

Running gohint

gohint supports 2 options that can be passed:

opt description
config path to JSON file with configuration. See above how to prepare config file
reporter name of reporter to use for output. Supported ones: plain and checkstyle. plain outputs report in plain text (like golint) and is used by default. checkstyle outputs Checkstyle XML


gohint -config="/path/to/config.json" -reporter=plain

Configuration options

JSON config can contain following options:


opt type description
package bool analyze package comments, definitions, etc
imports bool check imports for .
names bool check names of functions, variables, etc
exported bool check exported types and vars for correct comments and other
var-decls bool analyze variable declaration for correctness
elses bool check if..else statements for redundant else
make-slice bool check making slices for using short syntax
error-return bool check list of function's return values for position of error, it should be last
ignored-return bool check if there any function call which returned result is ignored
min-confidence float minimal confidence value to reduce output, [0..1]



golint lints the Go source files named on its command line.

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Path Synopsis
Package lint contains a linter for Go source code.
Package lint contains a linter for Go source code.

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