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Alternative to browsermob-proxy written in go.

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Supports creating new proxies, serving HAR logs, and remapping hosts.

  • Create proxy: POST /proxy

    • Returns : { "port": [portNumber] }
  • Get HAR: PUT /proxy/[portNumber]/har

    • Returns HAR log in json, and clears previous entries
  • Remapping hosts: POST /proxy/[portNumber]/hosts

    • Expects json containing array of : { "Host" : [oldHost], "NewHost" : [newHost] }
    • Supports IP / host name
  • Delete Proxy: DELETE /proxy/[portNumber]

Currently does not fill whole HAR - timings contain only timing between request start and response end. Also does not work with https requests yet.




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var Verbosity bool


func GetPort

func GetPort(l net.Listener) int

func NewProxyServer

func NewProxyServer(port int)


type Har

type Har struct {
	HarLog HarLog `json:"harLog"`

type HarContent

type HarContent struct {
	Size        int64  `json:"size"`
	Compression int64  `json:"compression"`
	MimeType    string `json:"mimeType"`
	Text        string `json:"text"`
	Encoding    string `json:"encoding"`

type HarCookie

type HarCookie struct {
	Name     string    `json:"name"`
	Value    string    `json:"value"`
	Path     string    `json:"path"`
	Domain   string    `json:"domain"`
	Expires  time.Time `json:"expires"`
	HttpOnly bool      `json:"httpOnly"`
	Secure   bool      `json:"secure"`

type HarEntry

type HarEntry struct {
	PageRef         string       `json:"pageRef"`
	StartedDateTime time.Time    `json:"startedDateTime"`
	Time            int64        `json:"time"`
	Request         *HarRequest  `json:"request"`
	Response        *HarResponse `json:"response"`
	Timings         HarTimings   `json:"timings"`
	ServerIpAddress string       `json:"serverIpAddress"`
	Connection      string       `json:"connection"`

type HarLog

type HarLog struct {
	Version string     `json:"version"`
	Creator string     `json:"creator"`
	Browser string     `json:"browser"`
	Pages   []HarPage  `json:"pages"`
	Entries []HarEntry `json:"entries"`

type HarNameValuePair

type HarNameValuePair struct {
	Name  string `json:"name"`
	Value string `json:"value"`

type HarPage

type HarPage struct {
	Id              string         `json:"id"`
	StartedDateTime time.Time      `json:"startedDateTime"`
	Title           string         `json:"title"`
	PageTimings     HarPageTimings `json:"pageTimings"`

type HarPageTimings

type HarPageTimings struct {
	OnContentLoad int64 `json:"onContentLoad"`
	OnLoad        int64 `json:"onLoad"`

type HarPostData

type HarPostData struct {
	MimeType string             `json:"mimeType"`
	Params   []HarPostDataParam `json:"params"`
	Text     string             `json:"text"`

type HarPostDataParam

type HarPostDataParam struct {
	Name        string `json:"name"`
	Value       string `json:"value"`
	FileName    string `json:"fileName"`
	ContentType string `json:"contentType`

type HarProxy

type HarProxy struct {
	// Our go proxy
	Proxy *goproxy.ProxyHttpServer

	// The port our proxy is listening on
	Port int

	// Our HAR log.
	// Starting size of 1000 entries, enlarged if necessary
	// Read the specification here: http://www.softwareishard.com/blog/har-12-spec/
	HarLog *HarLog

	// Stoppable listener - used to stop http proxy
	StoppableListener *stoppableListener
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewHarProxy

func NewHarProxy() *HarProxy

func NewHarProxyWithPort

func NewHarProxyWithPort(port int) *HarProxy

func (*HarProxy) AddHostEntries

func (proxy *HarProxy) AddHostEntries(hostEntries []ProxyHosts)

func (*HarProxy) ClearEntries

func (proxy *HarProxy) ClearEntries()

func (*HarProxy) NewHarReader

func (proxy *HarProxy) NewHarReader() io.Reader

func (*HarProxy) Start

func (proxy *HarProxy) Start()

func (*HarProxy) Stop

func (proxy *HarProxy) Stop()

func (*HarProxy) WaitForEntries

func (proxy *HarProxy) WaitForEntries()

type HarRequest

type HarRequest struct {
	Method      string             `json:"method"`
	Url         string             `json:"url"`
	HttpVersion string             `json:"httpVersion"`
	Cookies     []HarCookie        `json:"cookies"`
	Headers     []HarNameValuePair `json:"headers"`
	QueryString []HarNameValuePair `json:"queryString"`
	PostData    *HarPostData       `json:"postData"`
	BodySize    int64              `json:"bodySize"`
	HeadersSize int64              `json:"headersSize"`

type HarResponse

type HarResponse struct {
	Status      int                `json:"status"`
	StatusText  string             `json:"statusText"`
	HttpVersion string             `json:"httpVersion`
	Cookies     []HarCookie        `json:"cookies"`
	Headers     []HarNameValuePair `json:"headers"`
	Content     *HarContent        `json:"content"`
	RedirectUrl string             `json:"redirectUrl"`
	BodySize    int64              `json:"bodySize"`
	HeadersSize int64              `json:"headersSize"`

type HarTimings

type HarTimings struct {
	Blocked int64
	Dns     int64
	Connect int64
	Send    int64
	Wait    int64
	Receive int64
	Ssl     int64

type ProxyHosts

type ProxyHosts struct {
	Host    string `json:"host"`
	NewHost string `json:"NewHost"`

type ProxyServerErr

type ProxyServerErr struct {
	Error string `json:"error"`

type ProxyServerMessage

type ProxyServerMessage struct {
	Message string `json:"message"`

type ProxyServerPort

type ProxyServerPort struct {
	Port int `json:"port"`


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