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type AgenciesMetadataUpdater

type AgenciesMetadataUpdater struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewAgenciesMetadataUpdater

func NewAgenciesMetadataUpdater(driver *database.Driver) *AgenciesMetadataUpdater

func (*AgenciesMetadataUpdater) UpdateAgenciesMetaData

func (amu *AgenciesMetadataUpdater) UpdateAgenciesMetaData(agencyKey, schema string) error

type ComplementaryTablePopuler

type ComplementaryTablePopuler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewComplementaryTablePopuler

func NewComplementaryTablePopuler(driver *database.Driver) *ComplementaryTablePopuler

func (*ComplementaryTablePopuler) Populate

func (ctp *ComplementaryTablePopuler) Populate(schema string, columnLengthsByFiles map[string]map[string]int)

type CreateIndexResult

type CreateIndexResult struct {
	Index string
	Error error

type CsvFileImporter

type CsvFileImporter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewCsvFileImporter

func NewCsvFileImporter(driver *database.Driver, gtfs database.GTFSRepository) *CsvFileImporter

func (*CsvFileImporter) ImportCsvFiles

func (cfi *CsvFileImporter) ImportCsvFiles(agencyKey, outFolderFilename string, columnLengthsByFiles map[string]map[string]int)

type CsvFileRewriter

type CsvFileRewriter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewCsvFileRewriter

func NewCsvFileRewriter(tmpDir string) *CsvFileRewriter

func (*CsvFileRewriter) RewriteCsvFiles

func (cfr *CsvFileRewriter) RewriteCsvFiles(schema, outFolderName string) (map[string]map[string]int, error)

type GTFSArchiveFile

type GTFSArchiveFile struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewGTFSArchiveFile

func NewGTFSArchiveFile(fi os.FileInfo) *GTFSArchiveFile

func (*GTFSArchiveFile) ImportGTFSArchiveFileWithTableCreation

func (gaf *GTFSArchiveFile) ImportGTFSArchiveFileWithTableCreation(agencyKey string, folderFilename string, gtfsModelRepository database.GTFSCreatedModelRepository, columnLengths map[string]interface{}, maxLength int) error

func (*GTFSArchiveFile) ImportGTFSArchiveFileWithoutTableCreation

func (gaf *GTFSArchiveFile) ImportGTFSArchiveFileWithoutTableCreation(agencyKey string, folderFilename string, gtfsModelRepository database.GTFSModelRepository, maxLength int) error

func (*GTFSArchiveFile) Name

func (gaf *GTFSArchiveFile) Name() string

func (*GTFSArchiveFile) Size

func (gaf *GTFSArchiveFile) Size() int64

type InsertLineResult

type InsertLineResult struct {
	Line  Line
	Error error

type Line

type Line struct {
	Id   int    `gorm:"column:line_id"`
	Name string `gorm:"column:line_name"`

type Lines

type Lines []Line

type StopTime

type StopTime struct {
	Arrival_time   string `json:"a"`
	Departure_time string `json:"d"`
	Stop_sequence  int    `json:"s"`
	Stop_name      string `json:"n"`

type StopTimesFullImporter

type StopTimesFullImporter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewStopTimesFullImporter

func NewStopTimesFullImporter(driver *database.Driver) *StopTimesFullImporter

func (*StopTimesFullImporter) ImportStopTimesFull

func (stfi *StopTimesFullImporter) ImportStopTimesFull(schema string, columnLengthsByFiles map[string]map[string]int)

type StringKeyValue

type StringKeyValue struct {
	Key   string
	Value string

type Task

type Task string

type TripCacheBuilder

type TripCacheBuilder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTripCacheBuilder

func NewTripCacheBuilder(driver *database.Driver, redis *redis.Client) *TripCacheBuilder

func (*TripCacheBuilder) BuildTripCache

func (tcb *TripCacheBuilder) BuildTripCache(agencyKey, schema string)

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