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Butler is an automatation tool to scaffold new projects in only a few seconds. We provide a powerful interactive cli. When you create a project template you can create a Survey. Surveys are used to collect informations from the users to generate individual templates. Beside templating we also plan to integrate common commands for popular Project Management Tools like Jira, Confluence in Butler.

Bootstraping projects should be fun!


  • ✔︎ Template Surveys
  • ✔︎ Conditional files and folders
  • ✔︎ After hooks for post-processing
  • Maintanance: Auto Update, Distributed configs
  • 🌟 Confluence: Create spaces with preconfigured page tree


  • Project Templates are simple git repositories
  • Everything is a template you don't have to deal with /template directories or .tmpl files
  • Required informations are asked during the bootstrapping process


  1. Download here
  2. Install in PATH
  3. Run butler



  • Create Project: This command will create a new project based on the selected template.
  • Create Git Hooks: This command will install all selected hooks.
  • Create Confluence Space: This command will create a public or private confluence space based on the selected template.
  • Maintanance:
    • Dump config: Prints the final butler config in the terminal.
    • Auto Update: This command will update Butler to the latest version.
    • Report a bug: This command will open a new Github issue.
    • Version: This command will return the current version of Butler.

Maintenance across teams

  • Butler is able to update itself. The latest Github release is used.
  • Stay up-to-date with new templates without to update your config manually just set the environment variable BUTLER_CONFIG_URL to butler.yml on master and both configs are merged.

What Butler template looks like ?


Lead Maintainers


This project is kindly sponsored by netzkern. We're hiring!


Licensed under MIT.


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