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golang reader and writer for *.wav voice files




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type DataReader

type DataReader interface {

DataReader defines interface for DataReader

type DataReaderChunk

type DataReaderChunk struct {
	ID   []byte     // 'data'
	Size uint32     // sound data length * channels
	Data DataReader // Actual data

DataReaderChunk defines a data chunk with reader

type DataWriterChunk

type DataWriterChunk struct {
	ID   []byte
	Size uint32
	Data *bytes.Buffer

DataWriterChunk defines a data chunk with a writer

type File

type File interface {

File defines a File io interface to read data

type FmtChunk

type FmtChunk struct {
	ID   []byte // 'fmt '
	Size uint32 // 16
	Data *FmtChunkData

FmtChunk is with 8 + 16 = 24 bytes

type FmtChunkData

type FmtChunkData struct {
	WaveFormatType uint16 // PCM は 1
	Channel        uint16 // monoral or stereo
	SamplesPerSec  uint32 // Sampling frequency: 8000, 16000 or 44100
	BytesPerSec    uint32 // the number of bytes required per second
	BlockSize      uint16 // Quantization accuracy * Number of channels
	BitsPerSamples uint16

FmtChunkData is with 16 bytes

type Reader

type Reader struct {
	RiffChunk *RiffChunk
	FmtChunk  *FmtChunk
	DataChunk *DataReaderChunk

	NumSamples    uint32
	ReadSampleNum uint32
	SampleTime    int
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Reader defines a struct implements WaveHeader interface

func NewReader

func NewReader(r io.Reader) (*Reader, error)

NewReader creates a Reader from a io.Reader of a file

func NewReaderFromFile

func NewReaderFromFile(fileName string) (*Reader, error)

NewReaderFromFile opens a file and creates a new reader of it.

func (*Reader) Read

func (rd *Reader) Read(p []byte) (int, error)

reads only audio data

func (*Reader) ReadRawSample

func (rd *Reader) ReadRawSample() ([]byte, error)

ReadRawSample reads raw sample

func (*Reader) ReadSample

func (rd *Reader) ReadSample() ([]float64, error)

ReadSample reads sample as float64 slice

func (*Reader) ReadSampleInt

func (rd *Reader) ReadSampleInt() ([]int, error)

ReadSampleInt reads sample as int slice

type RiffChunk

type RiffChunk struct {
	ID         []byte // 'RIFF'
	Size       uint32 // 36bytes + data_chunk_size or whole_file_size - 'RIFF'+ChunkSize (8byte)
	FormatType []byte // 'WAVE'

RiffChunk has 12 bytes

type Writer

type Writer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Writer defines a writer to write data to a wave file

func NewWriter

func NewWriter(param WriterParam) (*Writer, error)

NewWriter creates and writes wave data to a wave file.

func (*Writer) Close

func (w *Writer) Close() error

Close flushes chunks and closes the created file

func (*Writer) Write

func (w *Writer) Write(p []byte) (int, error)

Write writes byte slice as samples to the writer

func (*Writer) WriteSample16

func (w *Writer) WriteSample16(samples []int16) (int, error)

WriteSample16 writes int16 slice samples to the writer

func (*Writer) WriteSample8

func (w *Writer) WriteSample8(samples []uint8) (int, error)

WriteSample8 writes uint8 slice samples to the writer

type WriterParam

type WriterParam struct {
	Out           io.WriteCloser
	Channel       int
	SampleRate    int
	BitsPerSample int

WriterParam defines the parameters for creating a new writer

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