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func ValidateIncludesExcludes

func ValidateIncludesExcludes(includesList, excludesList []string) []error

ValidateIncludesExcludes checks provided lists of included and excluded items to ensure they are a valid set of IncludesExcludes data.


type IncludesExcludes

type IncludesExcludes struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

IncludesExcludes is a type that manages lists of included and excluded items. The logic implemented is that everything in the included list except those items in the excluded list should be included. '*' in the includes list means "include everything", but it is not valid in the exclude list.

func GenerateIncludesExcludes added in v0.4.0

func GenerateIncludesExcludes(includes, excludes []string, mapFunc func(string) string) *IncludesExcludes

GenerateIncludesExcludes constructs an IncludesExcludes struct by taking the provided include/exclude slices, applying the specified mapping function to each item in them, and adding the output of the function to the new struct. If the mapping function returns an empty string for an item, it is omitted from the result.

func NewIncludesExcludes

func NewIncludesExcludes() *IncludesExcludes

func (*IncludesExcludes) Excludes

func (ie *IncludesExcludes) Excludes(excludes ...string) *IncludesExcludes

Excludes adds items to the excludes list

func (*IncludesExcludes) ExcludesString added in v0.5.0

func (ie *IncludesExcludes) ExcludesString() string

ExcludesString returns a string containing all of the excludes, separated by commas, or <none> if the list is empty.

func (*IncludesExcludes) GetExcludes

func (ie *IncludesExcludes) GetExcludes() []string

GetExcludes returns the items in the excludes list

func (*IncludesExcludes) GetIncludes

func (ie *IncludesExcludes) GetIncludes() []string

GetIncludes returns the items in the includes list

func (*IncludesExcludes) IncludeEverything added in v0.5.0

func (ie *IncludesExcludes) IncludeEverything() bool

IncludeEverything returns true if the includes list is empty or '*' and the excludes list is empty, or false otherwise.

func (*IncludesExcludes) Includes

func (ie *IncludesExcludes) Includes(includes ...string) *IncludesExcludes

Includes adds items to the includes list. '*' is a wildcard value meaning "include everything".

func (*IncludesExcludes) IncludesString added in v0.5.0

func (ie *IncludesExcludes) IncludesString() string

IncludesString returns a string containing all of the includes, separated by commas, or * if the list is empty.

func (*IncludesExcludes) ShouldInclude

func (ie *IncludesExcludes) ShouldInclude(s string) bool

ShouldInclude returns whether the specified item should be included or not. Everything in the includes list except those items in the excludes list should be included.

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