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GoCryptoTrader package Portfolio

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This portfolio package is part of the GoCryptoTrader codebase.

This is still in active development

You can track ideas, planned features and what's in progresss on this Trello board: https://trello.com/b/ZAhMhpOy/gocryptotrader.

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Current Features for portfolio

  • This package allows for the monitoring of portfolio data.
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Please feel free to submit any pull requests or suggest any desired features to be added.

When submitting a PR, please abide by our coding guidelines:

  • Code must adhere to the official Go formatting guidelines (i.e. uses gofmt).
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const (

	// PortfolioAddressExchange is a label for an exchange address
	PortfolioAddressExchange = "Exchange"
	// PortfolioAddressPersonal is a label for a personal/offline address
	PortfolioAddressPersonal = "Personal"


This section is empty.


func GetCryptoIDAddress

func GetCryptoIDAddress(address string, coinType string) (float64, error)

GetCryptoIDAddress queries CryptoID for an address balance for a specified cryptocurrency

func StartPortfolioWatcher

func StartPortfolioWatcher()

StartPortfolioWatcher observes the portfolio object


type Address

type Address struct {
	Address     string
	CoinType    string
	Balance     float64
	Description string

Address sub type holding address information for portfolio

type Base

type Base struct {
	Addresses []Address

Base holds the portfolio base addresses

var Portfolio Base

Portfolio is variable store holding an array of portfolioAddress

func GetPortfolio

func GetPortfolio() *Base

GetPortfolio returns a pointer to the portfolio base

func (*Base) AddAddress

func (p *Base) AddAddress(address, coinType, description string, balance float64)

AddAddress adds an address to the portfolio base

func (*Base) AddExchangeAddress

func (p *Base) AddExchangeAddress(exchangeName, coinType string, balance float64)

AddExchangeAddress adds an exchange address to the portfolio base

func (*Base) AddressExists

func (p *Base) AddressExists(address string) bool

AddressExists checks to see if there is an address associated with the portfolio base

func (*Base) ExchangeAddressExists

func (p *Base) ExchangeAddressExists(exchangeName, coinType string) bool

ExchangeAddressExists checks to see if there is an exchange address associated with the portfolio base

func (*Base) ExchangeExists

func (p *Base) ExchangeExists(exchangeName string) bool

ExchangeExists checks to see if an exchange exists in the portfolio base

func (*Base) GetAddressBalance

func (p *Base) GetAddressBalance(address, coinType, description string) (float64, bool)

GetAddressBalance acceses the portfolio base and returns the balance by passed in address, coin type and description

func (*Base) GetExchangePortfolio

func (p *Base) GetExchangePortfolio() map[string]float64

GetExchangePortfolio returns current portfolio base information

func (*Base) GetPersonalPortfolio

func (p *Base) GetPersonalPortfolio() map[string]float64

GetPersonalPortfolio returns current portfolio base information

func (*Base) GetPortfolioByExchange

func (p *Base) GetPortfolioByExchange(exchangeName string) map[string]float64

GetPortfolioByExchange returns currency portfolio amount by exchange

func (*Base) GetPortfolioGroupedCoin

func (p *Base) GetPortfolioGroupedCoin() map[string][]string

GetPortfolioGroupedCoin returns portfolio base information grouped by coin

func (*Base) GetPortfolioSummary

func (p *Base) GetPortfolioSummary() Summary

GetPortfolioSummary returns the complete portfolio summary, showing coin totals, offline and online summaries with their relative percentages.

func (*Base) RemoveAddress

func (p *Base) RemoveAddress(address, coinType, description string)

RemoveAddress removes an address when checked against the correct address and coinType

func (*Base) RemoveExchangeAddress

func (p *Base) RemoveExchangeAddress(exchangeName, coinType string)

RemoveExchangeAddress removes an exchange address from the portfolio.

func (*Base) SeedPortfolio

func (p *Base) SeedPortfolio(port Base)

SeedPortfolio appends a portfolio base object with another base portfolio addresses

func (*Base) UpdateAddressBalance

func (p *Base) UpdateAddressBalance(address string, amount float64)

UpdateAddressBalance updates the portfolio base balance

func (*Base) UpdateExchangeAddressBalance

func (p *Base) UpdateExchangeAddressBalance(exchangeName, coinType string, balance float64)

UpdateExchangeAddressBalance updates the portfolio balance when checked against correct exchangeName and coinType.

func (*Base) UpdatePortfolio

func (p *Base) UpdatePortfolio(addresses []string, coinType string) bool

UpdatePortfolio adds to the portfolio addresses by coin type

type Coin

type Coin struct {
	Coin       string  `json:"coin"`
	Balance    float64 `json:"balance"`
	Address    string  `json:"address,omitempty"`
	Percentage float64 `json:"percentage,omitempty"`

Coin stores a coin type, balance, address and percentage relative to the total amount.

type EtherchainBalanceResponse

type EtherchainBalanceResponse struct {
	Status int `json:"status"`
	Data   []struct {
		Address   string      `json:"address"`
		Balance   float64     `json:"balance"`
		Nonce     interface{} `json:"nonce"`
		Code      string      `json:"code"`
		Name      interface{} `json:"name"`
		Storage   interface{} `json:"storage"`
		FirstSeen interface{} `json:"firstSeen"`
	} `json:"data"`

EtherchainBalanceResponse holds JSON incoming and outgoing data for Etherchain

type EthplorerResponse

type EthplorerResponse struct {
	Address string `json:"address"`
	ETH     struct {
		Balance  float64 `json:"balance"`
		TotalIn  float64 `json:"totalIn"`
		TotalOut float64 `json:"totalOut"`
	} `json:"ETH"`
	CountTxs     int `json:"countTxs"`
	ContractInfo struct {
		CreatorAddress  string `json:"creatorAddress"`
		TransactionHash string `json:"transactionHash"`
		Timestamp       int    `json:"timestamp"`
	} `json:"contractInfo"`
	TokenInfo struct {
		Address        string `json:"address"`
		Name           string `json:"name"`
		Decimals       int    `json:"decimals"`
		Symbol         string `json:"symbol"`
		TotalSupply    string `json:"totalSupply"`
		Owner          string `json:"owner"`
		LastUpdated    int    `json:"lastUpdated"`
		TotalIn        int64  `json:"totalIn"`
		TotalOut       int64  `json:"totalOut"`
		IssuancesCount int    `json:"issuancesCount"`
		HoldersCount   int    `json:"holdersCount"`
		Image          string `json:"image"`
		Description    string `json:"description"`
		Price          struct {
			Rate     int    `json:"rate"`
			Diff     int    `json:"diff"`
			Ts       int    `json:"ts"`
			Currency string `json:"currency"`
		} `json:"price"`
	} `json:"tokenInfo"`
	Error struct {
		Code    int    `json:"code"`
		Message string `json:"message"`
	} `json:"error"`

EthplorerResponse holds JSON address data for Ethplorer

func GetEthereumBalance

func GetEthereumBalance(address string) (EthplorerResponse, error)

GetEthereumBalance single or multiple address information as EtherchainBalanceResponse

type ExchangeAccountCurrencyInfo

type ExchangeAccountCurrencyInfo struct {
	CurrencyName string
	TotalValue   float64
	Hold         float64

ExchangeAccountCurrencyInfo : Sub type to store currency name and value

type ExchangeAccountInfo

type ExchangeAccountInfo struct {
	ExchangeName string
	Currencies   []ExchangeAccountCurrencyInfo

ExchangeAccountInfo : Generic type to hold each exchange's holdings in all enabled currencies

type OfflineCoinSummary

type OfflineCoinSummary struct {
	Address    string  `json:"address"`
	Balance    float64 `json:"balance"`
	Percentage float64 `json:"percentage,omitempty"`

OfflineCoinSummary stores a coin types address, balance and percentage relative to the total amount.

type OnlineCoinSummary

type OnlineCoinSummary struct {
	Balance    float64 `json:"balance"`
	Percentage float64 `json:"percentage,omitempty"`

OnlineCoinSummary stores a coin types balance and percentage relative to the total amount.

type Summary

type Summary struct {
	Totals         []Coin                                  `json:"coin_totals"`
	Offline        []Coin                                  `json:"coins_offline"`
	OfflineSummary map[string][]OfflineCoinSummary         `json:"offline_summary"`
	Online         []Coin                                  `json:"coins_online"`
	OnlineSummary  map[string]map[string]OnlineCoinSummary `json:"online_summary"`

Summary Stores the entire portfolio summary

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