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type Admin

type Admin struct {

func (Admin) Categories

func (c Admin) Categories() revel.Result

func (Admin) DeleteCategory

func (c Admin) DeleteCategory(name string) revel.Result

func (Admin) Edit

func (c Admin) Edit(id int, slug string) revel.Result

func (Admin) Index

func (c Admin) Index() revel.Result

func (Admin) Logout

func (c Admin) Logout() revel.Result

func (Admin) New

func (c Admin) New() revel.Result

func (Admin) NewCategory

func (c Admin) NewCategory(name, description string) revel.Result

func (Admin) Publish

func (c Admin) Publish(id int) revel.Result

func (Admin) RedirectToSlug

func (c Admin) RedirectToSlug(id int) revel.Result

func (Admin) Save

func (c Admin) Save(id int, title, subtitle, slugString, category, body, publish, image string) revel.Result

func (Admin) SaveNew

func (c Admin) SaveNew(title, subtitle, category, body, image string) revel.Result

func (Admin) SaveTags

func (c Admin) SaveTags(shortid int, tags string) revel.Result

func (Admin) Unpublish

func (c Admin) Unpublish(id int) revel.Result

type App

type App struct {

func (App) Index

func (c App) Index() revel.Result

func (App) Login

func (c App) Login() revel.Result

func (App) LoginPost

func (c App) LoginPost(username, password string) revel.Result

type Blog

type Blog struct {

func (Blog) List

func (c Blog) List() revel.Result

func (Blog) ListAll

func (c Blog) ListAll() revel.Result

func (Blog) ListCategory

func (c Blog) ListCategory(category string) revel.Result

func (Blog) ListTag

func (c Blog) ListTag(category, tag string) revel.Result

func (Blog) RSS

func (c Blog) RSS() revel.Result

func (Blog) RedirectToSlug

func (c Blog) RedirectToSlug(category string, id int) revel.Result

func (Blog) Show

func (c Blog) Show(category string, id int, slugString string) revel.Result

type RssXml

type RssXml string

func (RssXml) Apply

func (r RssXml) Apply(req *revel.Request, resp *revel.Response)

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