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var NewCrashReporter = func(baseDir string, apiKey string) CrashReporter {
	if apiKey == "" {
		apiKey = defaultAPIKey

	return &BugsnagCrashReporter{
		baseDir: baseDir,
		apiKey:  apiKey,

NewCrashReporter creates a new bugsnag based CrashReporter. Needs an apiKey.


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type BugsnagCrashReporter added in v0.5.6

type BugsnagCrashReporter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*BugsnagCrashReporter) Send added in v0.5.6

func (r *BugsnagCrashReporter) Send(err CrashError) error

Send sends a crash report to bugsnag via an http call.

type CrashError added in v0.5.6

type CrashError struct {
	Cause       error
	Command     string
	Context     string
	DriverName  string
	LogFilePath string

CrashError describes an error that should be reported to bugsnag

func (CrashError) Error added in v0.5.6

func (e CrashError) Error() string

type CrashReporter added in v0.5.6

type CrashReporter interface {
	Send(err CrashError) error

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