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type Packet

type Packet struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Packet ...

func NewPacket

func NewPacket() *Packet

NewPacket returns a new packet object

func (*Packet) AddField

func (p *Packet) AddField(key, value string) *Packet

AddField ...

func (*Packet) Raw

func (p *Packet) Raw() map[string]string

Raw ...

type RedisObject

type RedisObject struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RedisObject Stores a hash-map in redis, provides basic crud-like actions

func (*RedisObject) Delete

func (rS *RedisObject) Delete() error

Delete - Deletes this key

func (*RedisObject) Get

func (rS *RedisObject) Get(key string) string

Get - Get value from the hash-map

func (*RedisObject) HKeys

func (rS *RedisObject) HKeys() []string

HKeys - Get a list of the keys in the hash-map

func (*RedisObject) New

func (rS *RedisObject) New(redis *redis.Client, prefix string, identifier string)

New - Initialize a new key

func (*RedisObject) Set

func (rS *RedisObject) Set(key string, value string) error

Set - Set a value in the hash-map

func (*RedisObject) SetM

func (rS *RedisObject) SetM(set map[string]interface{}) error

SetM - runs HMSET

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