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func Get

func Get(ctx context.Context, name string, options map[string]interface{}, registry distribution.Namespace) (distribution.Namespace, error)

Get constructs a RegistryMiddleware with the given options using the named backend.

func GetRegistryOptions

func GetRegistryOptions() []storage.RegistryOption

GetRegistryOptions returns list of RegistryOption.

func Register

func Register(name string, initFunc InitFunc) error

Register is used to register an InitFunc for a RegistryMiddleware backend with the given name.

func RegisterOptions

func RegisterOptions(options ...storage.RegistryOption) error

RegisterOptions adds more options to RegistryOption list. Options get applied before any other configuration-based options.


type InitFunc

type InitFunc func(ctx context.Context, registry distribution.Namespace, options map[string]interface{}) (distribution.Namespace, error)

InitFunc is the type of a RegistryMiddleware factory function and is used to register the constructor for different RegistryMiddleware backends.

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