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const (
	// DefaultBuildUser represents the default builduser
	DefaultBuildUser = "heronci"


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type Baton

type Baton struct {
	// BuildUser represents the name of the build user
	BuildUser string

	// ProjectID represents the unique projectID of this project
	ProjectID string

	// ProjectName represents the name of the project under discussion
	ProjectName string

	// CommitID represents the latest commitID / commit hash of the checkout
	CommitID string

	// ProjectRoot represents the root of the current project
	ProjectRoot string

	// ProjectRootParent representsthe parent of project root directory
	ProjectRootParent string

Baton represents the information exchanged / shared between pipelines

func NewBaton

func NewBaton() *Baton

NewBaton creates a new information structure

func (*Baton) CopyFilesToDockerImage

func (myBaton *Baton) CopyFilesToDockerImage() ciutil.OnWriterFunc

CopyFilesToDockerImage copies the files from dockerdirectory to image

func (*Baton) GetDockerImageTag

func (myBaton *Baton) GetDockerImageTag(stage string) string

GetDockerImageTag returns the image tag for the given information

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