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func Close

func Close(v interface{}) func() error

Close returns a func() that closes v.

func OnSuccess

func OnSuccess(f func() error, g func() error) func() error

OnSuccess executes g() after f() returns nil.

func Run

func Run(ctx context.Context, tasks ...func() error) error

Run executes a list of tasks in parallel, returns the first error encountered or nil if all tasks pass.


type Periodic

type Periodic struct {
	// Interval of the task being run
	Interval time.Duration
	// Execute is the task function
	Execute func() error
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Periodic is a task that runs periodically.

func (*Periodic) Close

func (t *Periodic) Close() error

Close implements common.Closable.

func (*Periodic) Start

func (t *Periodic) Start() error

Start implements common.Runnable.

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