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const Namespace = "lustre"

Namespace defines the namespace shared by all Lustre metrics.


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var (
	// OstEnabled specifies whether to collect OST metrics
	OstEnabled string
	// MdtEnabled specifies whether to collect MDT metrics
	MdtEnabled string
	// MgsEnabled specifies whether to collect MGS metrics
	MgsEnabled string
	// MdsEnabled specifies whether to collect MDS metrics
	MdsEnabled string
	// ClientEnabled specifies whether to collect Client metrics
	ClientEnabled string
	// GenericEnabled specifies whether to collect Generic metrics
	GenericEnabled string
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var Factories = make(map[string]func() LustreSource)

Factories contains the list of all sources.

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var (
	// HealthStatusEnabled specifies whether to collect Health metrics
	HealthStatusEnabled string
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var LnetEnabled string

LnetEnabled specified whether LNET metrics should be collected

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var ProcLocation = "/proc"

ProcLocation is the source to pull proc files from. By default, use the '/proc' directory on the local node, but for testing purposes, specify 'proc' (without the leading '/') for the local files.

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var SysLocation = "/sys"

SysLocation is the source to pull sys files from.


This section is empty.


type LustreSource

type LustreSource interface {
	Update(ch chan<- prometheus.Metric) (err error)

LustreSource is the interface that each source implements.

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