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type Generator

type Generator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    Generator generates decorators for the interface types

    func NewGenerator

    func NewGenerator(options Options) (*Generator, error)

      NewGenerator returns Generator initialized with options

      func (Generator) Generate

      func (g Generator) Generate(w io.Writer) error

        Generate generates code using header and body templates

        type Method

        type Method struct {
        	Doc     []string
        	Comment []string
        	Name    string
        	Params  ParamsSlice
        	Results ParamsSlice
        	ReturnsError   bool
        	AcceptsContext bool

          Method represents a method's signature

          func NewMethod

          func NewMethod(name string, fi *ast.Field, printer typePrinter) (*Method, error)

            NewMethod returns pointer to Signature struct or error

            func (Method) Call

            func (m Method) Call() string

              Call returns a string with the method call

              func (Method) Declaration

              func (m Method) Declaration() string

                Declaration returns a method name followed by it's signature

                func (Method) HasParams

                func (m Method) HasParams() bool

                  HasParams returns true if method has params

                  func (Method) HasResults

                  func (m Method) HasResults() bool

                    HasResults returns true if method has results

                    func (Method) ParamsMap

                    func (m Method) ParamsMap() string

                      ParamsMap returns a string representation of the map[string]interface{} filled with method's params

                      func (Method) ParamsNames

                      func (m Method) ParamsNames() string

                        ParamsNames returns a list of method params names

                        func (Method) ParamsStruct

                        func (m Method) ParamsStruct() string

                          ParamsStruct returns a struct type with fields corresponding to the method params

                          func (Method) Pass

                          func (m Method) Pass(prefix string) string

                            Pass returns a return statement followed by the method call If method does not have any results it returns a method call followed by return statement

                            func (Method) ResultsMap

                            func (m Method) ResultsMap() string

                              ResultsMap returns a string representation of the map[string]interface{} filled with method's results

                              func (Method) ResultsNames

                              func (m Method) ResultsNames() string

                                ResultsNames returns a list of method results names

                                func (Method) ResultsStruct

                                func (m Method) ResultsStruct() string

                                  ResultsStruct returns a struct type with fields corresponding to the method results

                                  func (Method) ReturnStruct

                                  func (m Method) ReturnStruct(structName string) string

                                    ReturnStruct returns return statement with the return params taken from the structName

                                    func (Method) Signature

                                    func (m Method) Signature() string

                                      Signature returns comma separated method's params followed by the comma separated method's results

                                      type Options

                                      type Options struct {
                                      	//InterfaceName is a name of interface type
                                      	InterfaceName string
                                      	//Imports from the file with interface definition
                                      	Imports []string
                                      	//SourcePackage is an import path or a relative path of the package that contains the source interface
                                      	SourcePackage string
                                      	//SourcePackageAlias is an import selector defauls is source package name
                                      	SourcePackageAlias string
                                      	//OutputFile name which is used to detect destination package name and also to fix imports in the resulting source
                                      	OutputFile string
                                      	//HeaderTemplate is used to generate package clause and comment over the generated source
                                      	HeaderTemplate string
                                      	//BodyTemplate generates import section, decorator constructor and methods
                                      	BodyTemplate string
                                      	//Vars additional vars that are passed to the templates from the command line
                                      	Vars map[string]interface{}
                                      	//HeaderVars header specific variables
                                      	HeaderVars map[string]interface{}
                                      	//Funcs is a map of helper functions that can be used within a template
                                      	Funcs template.FuncMap

                                        Options of the NewGenerator constructor

                                        type Param

                                        type Param struct {
                                        	Doc      []string
                                        	Comment  []string
                                        	Name     string
                                        	Type     string
                                        	Variadic bool

                                          Param represents fuction argument or result

                                          func NewParam

                                          func NewParam(name string, fi *ast.Field, usedNames map[string]bool, printer typePrinter) (*Param, error)

                                            NewParam returns Param struct

                                            func (Param) Pass

                                            func (p Param) Pass() string

                                              Pass returns a name of the parameter If parameter is variadic it returns a name followed by a ...

                                              type ParamsSlice

                                              type ParamsSlice []Param

                                                ParamsSlice slice of parameters

                                                func (ParamsSlice) Pass

                                                func (ps ParamsSlice) Pass() string

                                                  Pass returns comma separated params names to be passed to a function call with respect to variadic functions

                                                  func (ParamsSlice) String

                                                  func (ps ParamsSlice) String() string

                                                    String implements fmt.Stringer

                                                    type TemplateInputInterface

                                                    type TemplateInputInterface struct {
                                                    	Name string
                                                    	// Type of the interface, with package name qualifier (e.g. sort.Interface)
                                                    	Type string
                                                    	// Methods name keyed map of method information
                                                    	Methods map[string]Method

                                                      TemplateInputInterface subset of interface information used for template generation

                                                      type TemplateInputs

                                                      type TemplateInputs struct {
                                                      	// Interface information for template
                                                      	Interface TemplateInputInterface
                                                      	// Vars additional vars to pass to the template, see Options.Vars
                                                      	Vars    map[string]interface{}
                                                      	Imports []string

                                                        TemplateInputs information passed to template for generation

                                                        func (TemplateInputs) Import

                                                        func (t TemplateInputs) Import(imports ...string) string

                                                          Import generates an import statement using a list of imports from the source file along with the ones from the template itself