Package restv1 provides primitives to interact the openapi HTTP API.

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    func GetSwagger

    func GetSwagger() (*openapi3.Swagger, error)

      GetSwagger returns the Swagger specification corresponding to the generated code in this file.

      func RegisterHandlers

      func RegisterHandlers(router EchoRouter, si ServerInterface)

        RegisterHandlers adds each server route to the EchoRouter.


        type ApplicationError

        type ApplicationError struct {
        	Debug   *bool  `json:"debug,omitempty"`
        	Message string `json:"message"`

          ApplicationError defines model for ApplicationError.

          type EchoRouter

          type EchoRouter interface {
          	CONNECT(path string, h echo.HandlerFunc, m ...echo.MiddlewareFunc) *echo.Route
          	DELETE(path string, h echo.HandlerFunc, m ...echo.MiddlewareFunc) *echo.Route
          	GET(path string, h echo.HandlerFunc, m ...echo.MiddlewareFunc) *echo.Route
          	HEAD(path string, h echo.HandlerFunc, m ...echo.MiddlewareFunc) *echo.Route
          	OPTIONS(path string, h echo.HandlerFunc, m ...echo.MiddlewareFunc) *echo.Route
          	PATCH(path string, h echo.HandlerFunc, m ...echo.MiddlewareFunc) *echo.Route
          	POST(path string, h echo.HandlerFunc, m ...echo.MiddlewareFunc) *echo.Route
          	PUT(path string, h echo.HandlerFunc, m ...echo.MiddlewareFunc) *echo.Route
          	TRACE(path string, h echo.HandlerFunc, m ...echo.MiddlewareFunc) *echo.Route

            This is a simple interface which specifies echo.Route addition functions which are present on both echo.Echo and echo.Group, since we want to allow using either of them for path registration

            type Handler

            type Handler struct {
            	AppName string

            func (*Handler) LivenessProbeRequest

            func (h *Handler) LivenessProbeRequest(ctx echo.Context, params LivenessProbeRequestParams) error

              LivenessProbeRequest GET /api/v1/demoapp/.well-known/alive

              type LivenessProbeRequestParams

              type LivenessProbeRequestParams struct {
              	// prints meta information about the node
              	Full *bool `json:"full,omitempty"`

                LivenessProbeRequestParams defines parameters for LivenessProbeRequest.

                type LivenessProbeResponse

                type LivenessProbeResponse map[string]interface{}

                  LivenessProbeResponse defines model for LivenessProbeResponse.

                  type ServerInterface

                  type ServerInterface interface {
                  	// (GET /api/v1/demoapp/.well-known/alive)
                  	LivenessProbeRequest(ctx echo.Context, params LivenessProbeRequestParams) error

                    ServerInterface represents all server handlers.

                    type ServerInterfaceWrapper

                    type ServerInterfaceWrapper struct {
                    	Handler ServerInterface

                      ServerInterfaceWrapper converts echo contexts to parameters.

                      func (*ServerInterfaceWrapper) LivenessProbeRequest

                      func (w *ServerInterfaceWrapper) LivenessProbeRequest(ctx echo.Context) error

                        LivenessProbeRequest converts echo context to params.