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OpenTSDB Output Plugin

This plugin writes to a OpenTSDB instance using the "telnet" mode

Transfer "Protocol" in the telnet mode

The expected input from OpenTSDB is specified in the following way:

put <metric> <timestamp> <value> <tagk1=tagv1[ tagk2=tagv2 ...tagkN=tagvN]>

The telegraf output plugin adds an optional prefix to the metric keys so that a subamount can be selected.

put <[prefix.]metric> <timestamp> <value> <tagk1=tagv1[ tagk2=tagv2 ...tagkN=tagvN]>
put nine.telegraf.system_load1 1441910356 0.430000 dc=homeoffice host=irimame scope=green
put nine.telegraf.system_load5 1441910356 0.580000 dc=homeoffice host=irimame scope=green
put nine.telegraf.system_load15 1441910356 0.730000 dc=homeoffice host=irimame scope=green
put nine.telegraf.system_uptime 1441910356 3655970.000000 dc=homeoffice host=irimame scope=green
put nine.telegraf.system_uptime_format 1441910356  dc=homeoffice host=irimame scope=green
put nine.telegraf.mem_total 1441910356 4145426432 dc=homeoffice host=irimame scope=green
put nine.telegraf.io_write_bytes 1441910366 0 dc=homeoffice host=irimame name=vda2 scope=green
put nine.telegraf.io_read_time 1441910366 0 dc=homeoffice host=irimame name=vda2 scope=green
put nine.telegraf.io_write_time 1441910366 0 dc=homeoffice host=irimame name=vda2 scope=green
put nine.telegraf.io_io_time 1441910366 0 dc=homeoffice host=irimame name=vda2 scope=green
put nine.telegraf.ping_packets_transmitted 1441910366  dc=homeoffice host=irimame scope=green
put nine.telegraf.ping_packets_received 1441910366  dc=homeoffice host=irimame scope=green
put nine.telegraf.ping_percent_packet_loss 1441910366 0.000000 dc=homeoffice host=irimame scope=green
put nine.telegraf.ping_average_response_ms 1441910366 24.006000 dc=homeoffice host=irimame scope=green

The OpenTSDB interface can be simulated with this reader:

// opentsdb_telnet_mode_mock.go 
package main

import (

func main() {
	l, err := net.Listen("tcp", "localhost:4242")
	if err != nil {
	defer l.Close()
	for {
		conn, err := l.Accept()
		if err != nil {
		go func(c net.Conn) {
			defer c.Close()
			io.Copy(os.Stdout, c)

Allowed values for metrics

OpenTSDB allows integers and floats as input values




This section is empty.


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func FloatToString

func FloatToString(input_num float64) string

func IntToString

func IntToString(input_num int64) string

func UIntToString

func UIntToString(input_num uint64) string


type MetricLine

type MetricLine struct {
	Metric    string
	Timestamp int64
	Value     string
	Tags      string

type OpenTSDB

type OpenTSDB struct {
	Prefix string

	Host string
	Port int

	Debug bool

func (*OpenTSDB) Close

func (o *OpenTSDB) Close() error

func (*OpenTSDB) Connect

func (o *OpenTSDB) Connect() error

func (*OpenTSDB) Description

func (o *OpenTSDB) Description() string

func (*OpenTSDB) SampleConfig

func (o *OpenTSDB) SampleConfig() string

func (*OpenTSDB) Write

func (o *OpenTSDB) Write(points []*client.Point) error

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