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func BuildDBEvent

func BuildDBEvent(bld *libhoney.Builder, stats sql.DBStats, query string, args ...interface{}) (*libhoney.Event, func(error))

BuildDBEvent tries to bring together most of the things that need to happen for an event to wrap a DB call in both the sql and sqlx packages. It returns a function which, when called, dispatches the event that it created. This lets it finish a timer around the call automatically. This function is only used when no context (and therefore no beeline trace) is available to the caller - if context is available, use BuildDBSpan() instead to tie it in to the active trace.

func BuildDBSpan

func BuildDBSpan(ctx context.Context, bld *libhoney.Builder, stats sql.DBStats, query string, args ...interface{}) (context.Context, *trace.Span, func(error))

BuildDBSpan does the same things as BuildDBEvent except that it has access to a trace from the context and takes advantage of that to add the DB events into the trace.

func GetRequestProps

func GetRequestProps(req *http.Request) map[string]interface{}

GetRequestProps is a convenient method to grab all common http request properties and get them back as a map.

func StartSpanOrTraceFromHTTP

func StartSpanOrTraceFromHTTP(r *http.Request) (context.Context, *trace.Span)

StartSpanOrTraceFromHTTP creates and returns a span for the provided http.Request. If there is an existing span in the Context, this function will create the new span as a child span and return it. If not, it will create a new trace object and return the root span.

func StartSpanOrTraceFromHTTPWithTraceParserHook added in v0.6.0

func StartSpanOrTraceFromHTTPWithTraceParserHook(r *http.Request, parserHook config.HTTPTraceParserHook) (context.Context, *trace.Span)

StartSpanOrTraceFromHTTPWithTraceParserHook is a version of StartSpanOrTraceFromHTTP that accepts a TraceParserHook which will be invoked when creating a new trace for the incoming HTTP request.


type ResponseWriter

type ResponseWriter struct {
	// Wrapped is not embedded to prevent ResponseWriter from directly
	// fulfilling the http.ResponseWriter interface. Wrapping in this
	// way would obscure optional http.ResponseWriter interfaces.
	Wrapped http.ResponseWriter
	Status  int

func NewResponseWriter

func NewResponseWriter(w http.ResponseWriter) *ResponseWriter

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