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const (
	FlagsReadOnly  = 1
	FlagsAutoClear = 4
	FlagsPartScan  = 8
	FlagsDirectIO  = 16

Loop device flags values

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const (
	CryptNone      = 0
	CryptXor       = 1
	CryptDes       = 2
	CryptFish2     = 3
	CryptBlow      = 4
	CryptCast128   = 5
	CryptIdea      = 6
	CryptDummy     = 9
	CryptSkipJack  = 10
	CryptCryptoAPI = 18
	CryptMax       = 20

Loop device encryption types

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const (
	CmdSetFd       = 0x4C00
	CmdClrFd       = 0x4C01
	CmdSetStatus   = 0x4C02
	CmdGetStatus   = 0x4C03
	CmdSetStatus64 = 0x4C04
	CmdGetStatus64 = 0x4C05
	CmdChangeFd    = 0x4C06
	CmdSetCapacity = 0x4C07
	CmdSetDirectIO = 0x4C08

Loop device IOCTL commands


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type Device

type Device struct {
	MaxLoopDevices int
	Shared         bool
	Info           *Info64

Device describes a loop device

func (*Device) AttachFromFile

func (loop *Device) AttachFromFile(image *os.File, mode int, number *int) error

AttachFromFile finds a free loop device, opens it, and stores file descriptor provided by image file pointer

func (*Device) AttachFromPath

func (loop *Device) AttachFromPath(image string, mode int, number *int) error

AttachFromPath finds a free loop device, opens it, and stores file descriptor of opened image path

type Info64

type Info64 struct {
	Device         uint64
	Inode          uint64
	Rdevice        uint64
	Offset         uint64
	SizeLimit      uint64
	Number         uint32
	EncryptType    uint32
	EncryptKeySize uint32
	Flags          uint32
	FileName       [64]byte
	CryptName      [64]byte
	EncryptKey     [32]byte
	Init           [2]uint64

Info64 contains information about a loop device.

func GetStatusFromFd

func GetStatusFromFd(fd uintptr) (*Info64, error)

GetStatusFromFd gets info status about an opened loop device

func GetStatusFromPath

func GetStatusFromPath(path string) (*Info64, error)

GetStatusFromPath gets info status about a loop device from path

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