falafel is a protoc plugin written in go that is used to generate gomobile compatible APIs for gRPC services for use on mobile platforms.

Currently being used with lnd.


falafel translates protobuf definitions to gomobile compatible APIs. Behind this API we directly talk to the gRPC server using an in-memory gRPC client, ensuring all communication happens in-process using serialized protocol buffers, without needing to expose the gRPC server on an open port. To support streaming RPCs, like subscribing to real-time updates, callbacks are provided for all APIs.

The gRPC server must support using custom listeners.

Getting started Pass the falafel plugin to protoc with custom options.

Here is an example how falafel is used with lnd:

falafel=$(which falafel)

# Name of the package for the generated APIs.

# The package where the protobuf definitions originally are found.

# A mapping from grpc service to name of the custom listeners. The grpc server
# must be configured to listen on these.
listeners="lightning=lightningLis walletunlocker=walletUnlockerLis"

# Set to 1 to create boiler plate grpc client code and listeners. If more than
# one proto file is being parsed, it should only be done once.

protoc -I/usr/local/include -I. \
       -I$GOPATH/src/ \
       --custom_out=./build \
       --custom_opt="$opts" \
       --proto_path=../lnrpc \

With the go bindings generated, define an entry point for the application to start the gRPC service:

func Start() {
	// We call the main method with the custom in-memory listeners called
	// by the mobile APIs, such that the grpc server will use these.
	cfg := lnd.ListenerCfg{
		WalletUnlocker: walletUnlockerLis,
		RPCListener:    lightningLis,

	go func() {
		if err := lnd.Main(cfg); err != nil {
			if e, ok := err.(*flags.Error); ok &&
				e.Type == flags.ErrHelp {
			} else {
				fmt.Fprintln(os.Stderr, err)

The gRPC server should be started by listening on the passed listeners.

Compiling with gomobile

Package lndmobile is now ready to be cross-compiled using gomobile:

gomobile bind -target=ios
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