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func EnsureManifestsCreated

func EnsureManifestsCreated(ctx context.Context, manifestDir string, restConfig *rest.Config, options CreateOptions) error

EnsureManifestsCreated ensures that all resource manifests from the specified directory are created. This function will try to create remaining resources in the manifest list after error is occurred. This function will keep retrying creation until no errors are reported or the timeout is hit. Pass the context to indicate how much time you are willing to wait until all resources are created.


type CreateOptions

type CreateOptions struct {
	// Filters allows to filter which files we will read from disk.
	// Multiple filters can be specified, in that case only files matching all filters will be returned.
	Filters []assets.FileInfoPredicate

	// Verbose if true will print out extra messages for debugging
	Verbose bool

	// StdErr allows to override the standard error output for printing verbose messages.
	// If not set, os.StdErr is used.
	StdErr io.Writer

CreateOptions allow to specify additional create options.

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