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const (
	EventAlive = EventType(iota)
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const (

	// SSDPAll is a value for searchTarget that searches for all devices and services.
	SSDPAll = "ssdp:all"
	// UPNPRootDevice is a value for searchTarget that searches for all root devices.
	UPNPRootDevice = "upnp:rootdevice"


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func SSDPRawSearch

func SSDPRawSearch(
	httpu HTTPUClient,
	searchTarget string,
	maxWaitSeconds int,
	numSends int,
) ([]*http.Response, error)

SSDPRawSearch performs a fairly raw SSDP search request, and returns the unique response(s) that it receives. Each response has the requested searchTarget, a USN, and a valid location. maxWaitSeconds states how long to wait for responses in seconds, and must be a minimum of 1 (the implementation waits an additional 100ms for responses to arrive), 2 is a reasonable value for this. numSends is the number of requests to send - 3 is a reasonable value for this.


type Entry

type Entry struct {
	// The address that the entry data was actually received from.
	RemoteAddr string
	// Unique Service Name. Identifies a unique instance of a device or service.
	USN string
	// Notfication Type. The type of device or service being announced.
	NT string
	// Server's self-identifying string.
	Server string
	Host   string
	// Location of the UPnP root device description.
	Location url.URL

	BootID   int32
	ConfigID int32

	SearchPort uint16

	// When the last update was received for this entry identified by this USN.
	LastUpdate time.Time
	// When the last update's cached values are advised to expire.
	CacheExpiry time.Time

type EventType

type EventType int8

func (EventType) String

func (et EventType) String() string

type HTTPUClient added in v1.0.1

type HTTPUClient interface {
		req *http.Request,
		timeout time.Duration,
		numSends int,
	) ([]*http.Response, error)

HTTPUClient is the interface required to perform HTTP-over-UDP requests.

type Registry

type Registry struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Registry maintains knowledge of discovered devices and services.

NOTE: the interface for this is experimental and may change, or go away entirely.

func NewRegistry

func NewRegistry() *Registry

func NewServerAndRegistry

func NewServerAndRegistry() (*httpu.Server, *Registry)

NewServerAndRegistry is a convenience function to create a registry, and an httpu server to pass it messages. Call ListenAndServe on the server for messages to be processed.

func (*Registry) AddListener

func (reg *Registry) AddListener(c chan<- Update)

func (*Registry) GetService

func (reg *Registry) GetService(serviceURN string) []*Entry

GetService returns known service (or device) entries for the given service URN.

func (*Registry) RemoveListener

func (reg *Registry) RemoveListener(c chan<- Update)

func (*Registry) ServeMessage

func (reg *Registry) ServeMessage(r *http.Request)

ServeMessage implements httpu.Handler, and uses SSDP NOTIFY requests to maintain the registry of devices and services.

type Update

type Update struct {
	// The USN of the service.
	USN string
	// What happened.
	EventType EventType
	// The entry, which is nil if the service was not known and
	// EventType==EventByeBye. The contents of this must not be modified as it is
	// shared with the registry and other listeners. Once created, the Registry
	// does not modify the Entry value - any updates are replaced with a new
	// Entry value.
	Entry *Entry

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