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func CompareCaptures

func CompareCaptures(exp, act []*ReplayCapture) (uint64, error)

    CompareCaptures of two independent replays

    func CompareStateAtHeight

    func CompareStateAtHeight(exp, act *state.State, height uint64) error

      CompareStateAtHeight of two replays


      type Replay

      type Replay struct {
      	Src *Source
      	Dst *Source

        Replay is a kernel for state replaying

        func NewReplay

        func NewReplay(src, dst *Source) *Replay

        func (*Replay) Block

        func (re *Replay) Block(height uint64) (*ReplayCapture, error)

          Block loads and commits a block

          func (*Replay) Blocks

          func (re *Replay) Blocks(startHeight, endHeight uint64) ([]*ReplayCapture, error)

            Blocks iterates through the given range

            func (*Replay) Commit

            func (re *Replay) Commit(height uint64) (*ReplayCapture, error)

              Commit block at height to state cache, saving a capture

              type ReplayCapture

              type ReplayCapture struct {
              	Height        uint64
              	AppHashBefore binary.HexBytes
              	AppHashAfter  binary.HexBytes
              	TxExecutions  []*exec.TxExecution

              func (*ReplayCapture) Compare

              func (exp *ReplayCapture) Compare(act *ReplayCapture) error

                Compare the app hashes of two block replays

                func (*ReplayCapture) String

                func (rc *ReplayCapture) String() string

                type Source

                type Source struct {
                	Explorer *bcm.BlockStore
                	State    *state.State
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  Source is a kernel for tracking state

                  func NewSource

                  func NewSource(burrowDB, tmDB dbm.DB, genesisDoc *genesis.GenesisDoc) *Source

                  func NewSourceFromDir

                  func NewSourceFromDir(genesisDoc *genesis.GenesisDoc, dbDir string) *Source

                  func NewSourceFromGenesis

                  func NewSourceFromGenesis(genesisDoc *genesis.GenesisDoc) *Source

                  func (*Source) LatestBlockchain

                  func (src *Source) LatestBlockchain() (*bcm.Blockchain, error)

                  func (*Source) LatestHeight

                  func (src *Source) LatestHeight() (uint64, error)

                  func (*Source) LoadAt

                  func (src *Source) LoadAt(height uint64) (err error)

                    LoadAt height


                    Path Synopsis