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const (
	Top        = "top"
	Up         = "up"
	Down       = "down"
	Info       = "info"
	Trace      = "trace"
	Minimal    = "minimal"
	Opcodes    = "opcodes"
	IncludeAny = "include-any"
	Stderr     = "stderr"
	Stdout     = "stdout"
	Terminal   = "terminal"
	JSON       = "json"
	Capture    = "capture"
	File       = "file"


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func BuildSinkConfig

func BuildSinkConfig(ops ...string) (*logconfig.SinkConfig, error)

func Describe

func Describe(name string) string


type Instruction

type Instruction struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    Function to generate part of a tree of Sinks (e.g. append a single child node, or an entire subtree). Each Instruction takes a (sub)root, which it may modify, and appends further child sinks below that root. Returning the new subroot from which to apply any further Presets. When chained together in a pre-order instructions can be composed to form an entire Sink tree.

    func Instructons

    func Instructons() []Instruction

    func (Instruction) Description

    func (i Instruction) Description() string

    func (Instruction) Name

    func (i Instruction) Name() string

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