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const (
	JSONFormat     = loggers.JSONFormat
	LogfmtFormat   = loggers.LogfmtFormat
	TerminalFormat = loggers.TerminalFormat
	DefaultFormat  = loggers.DefaultFormat

    Keep these in sync

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    const (
    	// OutputType
    	NoOutput outputType = ""
    	Stdout   outputType = "stdout"
    	Stderr   outputType = "stderr"
    	File     outputType = "file"
    	// TransformType
    	NoTransform transformType = ""
    	// Filter log lines
    	Filter transformType = "filter"
    	// Remove key-val pairs from each log line
    	Prune transformType = "prune"
    	// Add key value pairs to each log line
    	Label     transformType = "label"
    	Capture   transformType = "capture"
    	Sort      transformType = "sort"
    	Vectorise transformType = "vectorise"
    	NoFilterMode          filterMode = ""
    	IncludeWhenAllMatch   filterMode = "include_when_all_match"
    	IncludeWhenAnyMatches filterMode = "include_when_any_match"
    	ExcludeWhenAllMatch   filterMode = "exclude_when_all_match"
    	ExcludeWhenAnyMatches filterMode = "exclude_when_any_match"


    This section is empty.


    func BuildFilterPredicate

    func BuildFilterPredicate(filterConfig *FilterConfig) (func([]interface{}) bool, error)

    func BuildKeyValuesPredicate

    func BuildKeyValuesPredicate(kvpConfigs []*KeyValuePredicateConfig, matchAll bool) (func([]interface{}) bool, error)

    func BuildLoggerFromSinkConfig

    func BuildLoggerFromSinkConfig(sinkConfig *SinkConfig, captures map[string]*loggers.CaptureLogger) (log.Logger,
    	map[string]*loggers.CaptureLogger, error)

    func BuildOutputLogger

    func BuildOutputLogger(outputConfig *OutputConfig) (log.Logger, error)

    func BuildTransformLogger

    func BuildTransformLogger(transformConfig *TransformConfig, captures map[string]*loggers.CaptureLogger,
    	outputLogger log.Logger) (log.Logger, map[string]*loggers.CaptureLogger, error)

    func BuildTransformLoggerPassthrough

    func BuildTransformLoggerPassthrough(transformConfig *TransformConfig, captures map[string]*loggers.CaptureLogger,
    	outputLogger log.Logger) (log.Logger, map[string]*loggers.CaptureLogger, error)

    func JSONString

    func JSONString(v interface{}) string

    func TOMLString

    func TOMLString(v interface{}) string


    type CaptureConfig

    type CaptureConfig struct {
    	Name        string
    	BufferCap   int
    	Passthrough bool

      Sink configuration types

      type FileConfig

      type FileConfig struct {
      	Path string

        Sink configuration types

        type FilterConfig

        type FilterConfig struct {
        	FilterMode filterMode
        	// Predicates to match a log line against using FilterMode
        	Predicates []*KeyValuePredicateConfig

          Filter types

          func (*FilterConfig) AddPredicate

          func (filterConfig *FilterConfig) AddPredicate(keyRegex, valueRegex string) *FilterConfig

          func (*FilterConfig) SetFilterMode

          func (filterConfig *FilterConfig) SetFilterMode(filterMode filterMode) *FilterConfig

          type KeyValuePredicateConfig

          type KeyValuePredicateConfig struct {
          	KeyRegex   string
          	ValueRegex string

            Generates true if KeyRegex matches a log line key and ValueRegex matches that key's value. If ValueRegex is empty then returns true if any key matches If KeyRegex is empty then returns true if any value matches

            type LabelConfig

            type LabelConfig struct {
            	Labels map[string]string
            	Prefix bool


              type LoggingConfig

              type LoggingConfig struct {
              	RootSink *SinkConfig `toml:",omitempty"`
              	// Trace debug is very noisy - mostly from Tendermint
              	Trace bool
              	// Send to a channel - will not affect progress if logging graph is intensive but output will lag and some logs
              	// may be missed in shutdown
              	NonBlocking bool

              func DefaultNodeLoggingConfig

              func DefaultNodeLoggingConfig() *LoggingConfig

              func New

              func New() *LoggingConfig

                Provide a defeault logging config

                func (*LoggingConfig) JSONString

                func (lc *LoggingConfig) JSONString() string

                func (*LoggingConfig) NewLogger

                func (lc *LoggingConfig) NewLogger() (*logging.Logger, error)

                  Obtain a logger from this LoggingConfig

                  func (*LoggingConfig) Root

                  func (lc *LoggingConfig) Root(configure func(sink *SinkConfig) *SinkConfig) *LoggingConfig

                  func (*LoggingConfig) RootJSONString

                  func (lc *LoggingConfig) RootJSONString() string

                  func (*LoggingConfig) RootTOMLString

                  func (lc *LoggingConfig) RootTOMLString() string

                    Returns the TOML for a top-level logging config wrapped with [logging]

                    func (*LoggingConfig) TOMLString

                    func (lc *LoggingConfig) TOMLString() string

                    func (*LoggingConfig) UpdateLogger

                    func (lc *LoggingConfig) UpdateLogger(logger *logging.Logger) (channels.Channel, error)

                      Hot swap logging config by replacing output loggers built from this LoggingConfig

                      type LoggingConfigWrapper

                      type LoggingConfigWrapper struct {
                      	Logging *LoggingConfig `toml:",omitempty"`

                        For encoding a top-level '[logging]' TOML table

                        type OutputConfig

                        type OutputConfig struct {
                        	OutputType    outputType
                        	Format        string
                        	*FileConfig   `json:",omitempty" toml:",omitempty"`
                        	*SyslogConfig `json:",omitempty" toml:",omitempty"`

                          Sink configuration types

                          func FileOutput

                          func FileOutput(path string) *OutputConfig

                          func StderrOutput

                          func StderrOutput() *OutputConfig

                          func StdoutOutput

                          func StdoutOutput() *OutputConfig

                          func (*OutputConfig) SetFormat

                          func (outputConfig *OutputConfig) SetFormat(format string) *OutputConfig

                          type PruneConfig

                          type PruneConfig struct {
                          	Keys        []string
                          	IncludeKeys bool

                            Sink configuration types

                            type SinkConfig

                            type SinkConfig struct {
                            	Transform *TransformConfig `json:",omitempty" toml:",omitempty"`
                            	Sinks     []*SinkConfig    `json:",omitempty" toml:",omitempty"`
                            	Output    *OutputConfig    `json:",omitempty" toml:",omitempty"`

                              Sink A Sink describes a logger that logs to zero or one output and logs to zero or more child sinks. before transmitting its log it applies zero or one transforms to the stream of log lines. by chaining together many Sinks arbitrary transforms to and multi

                              func Sink

                              func Sink() *SinkConfig


                                func (*SinkConfig) AddSinks

                                func (sinkConfig *SinkConfig) AddSinks(sinks ...*SinkConfig) *SinkConfig

                                func (*SinkConfig) BuildLogger

                                func (sinkConfig *SinkConfig) BuildLogger() (log.Logger, map[string]*loggers.CaptureLogger, error)

                                  Logger formation

                                  func (*SinkConfig) SetOutput

                                  func (sinkConfig *SinkConfig) SetOutput(output *OutputConfig) *SinkConfig

                                  func (*SinkConfig) SetTransform

                                  func (sinkConfig *SinkConfig) SetTransform(transform *TransformConfig) *SinkConfig

                                  type SortConfig

                                  type SortConfig struct {
                                  	// Sort keys-values with keys in this list first
                                  	Keys []string

                                    Sink configuration types

                                    type SyslogConfig

                                    type SyslogConfig struct {
                                    	Url string
                                    	Tag string

                                      Outputs TODO: reintroduce syslog removed when we dropped log15 dependency

                                      type TransformConfig

                                      type TransformConfig struct {
                                      	TransformType transformType
                                      	LabelConfig   *LabelConfig   `json:",omitempty" toml:",omitempty"`
                                      	PruneConfig   *PruneConfig   `json:",omitempty" toml:",omitempty"`
                                      	CaptureConfig *CaptureConfig `json:",omitempty" toml:",omitempty"`
                                      	FilterConfig  *FilterConfig  `json:",omitempty" toml:",omitempty"`
                                      	SortConfig    *SortConfig    `json:",omitempty" toml:",omitempty"`

                                        Sink configuration types

                                        func CaptureTransform

                                        func CaptureTransform(name string, bufferCap int, passthrough bool) *TransformConfig

                                        func FilterTransform

                                        func FilterTransform(fmode filterMode, keyValueRegexes ...string) *TransformConfig

                                        func LabelTransform

                                        func LabelTransform(prefix bool, labelKeyvals ...string) *TransformConfig

                                        func OnlyTransform

                                        func OnlyTransform(keys ...string) *TransformConfig

                                        func PruneTransform

                                        func PruneTransform(keys ...string) *TransformConfig

                                        func SortTransform

                                        func SortTransform(keys ...string) *TransformConfig

                                        func VectoriseTransform

                                        func VectoriseTransform() *TransformConfig


                                        Path Synopsis