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const (
	// RoleTypeMember identifies an org's member identity
	RoleTypeMember = RoleType("MEMBER")
	// RoleTypePeer identifies an org's peer identity
	RoleTypePeer = RoleType("PEER")


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type KeyEndorsementPolicy

type KeyEndorsementPolicy interface {
	// Policy returns the endorsement policy as bytes
	Policy() ([]byte, error)

	// AddOrgs adds the specified orgs to the list of orgs that are required
	// to endorse. All orgs MSP role types will be set to the role that is
	// specified in the first parameter. Among other aspects the desired role
	// depends on the channel's configuration: if it supports node OUs, it is
	// likely going to be the PEER role, while the MEMBER role is the suited
	// one if it does not.
	AddOrgs(roleType RoleType, organizations ...string) error

	// DelOrgs deletes the specified channel orgs from the existing key-level endorsement
	// policy for this KVS key.
	DelOrgs(organizations ...string)

	// ListOrgs returns an array of channel orgs that are required to endorse chnages
	ListOrgs() []string

KeyEndorsementPolicy provides a set of convenience methods to create and modify a state-based endorsement policy. Endorsement policies created by this convenience layer will always be a logical AND of "<ORG>.peer" principals for one or more ORGs specified by the caller.

func NewStateEP

func NewStateEP(policy []byte) (KeyEndorsementPolicy, error)

NewStateEP constructs a state-based endorsement policy from a given serialized EP byte array. If the byte array is empty, a new EP is created.

type RoleType

type RoleType string

RoleType of an endorsement policy's identity

type RoleTypeDoesNotExistError

type RoleTypeDoesNotExistError struct {
	RoleType RoleType

RoleTypeDoesNotExistError is returned by function AddOrgs of KeyEndorsementPolicy if a role type that does not match one specified above is passed as an argument.

func (*RoleTypeDoesNotExistError) Error

func (r *RoleTypeDoesNotExistError) Error() string

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