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const (
	GateAnd   = "And"
	GateOr    = "Or"
	GateOutOf = "OutOf"

    Gate values

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    const (
    	RoleAdmin   = "admin"
    	RoleMember  = "member"
    	RoleClient  = "client"
    	RolePeer    = "peer"
    	RoleOrderer = "orderer"

      Role values for principals


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      func And

      func And(lhs, rhs *cb.SignaturePolicy) *cb.SignaturePolicy

        And is a convenience method which utilizes NOutOf to produce And equivalent behavior

        func FromString

        func FromString(policy string) (*cb.SignaturePolicyEnvelope, error)

          FromString takes a string representation of the policy, parses it and returns a SignaturePolicyEnvelope that implements that policy. The supported language is as follows:

          GATE(P[, P])


          - GATE is either "and" or "or"
          - P is either a principal or another nested call to GATE

          A principal is defined as:



          	- ORG is a string (representing the MSP identifier)
          	- ROLE takes the value of any of the RoleXXX constants representing
             the required role

          func NOutOf

          func NOutOf(n int32, policies []*cb.SignaturePolicy) *cb.SignaturePolicy

            NOutOf creates a policy which requires N out of the slice of policies to evaluate to true

            func Or

            func Or(lhs, rhs *cb.SignaturePolicy) *cb.SignaturePolicy

              Or is a convenience method which utilizes NOutOf to produce Or equivalent behavior

              func SignedBy

              func SignedBy(index int32) *cb.SignaturePolicy

                SignedBy creates a SignaturePolicy requiring a given signer's signature


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