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func BytesToX509Cert

func BytesToX509Cert(bytes []byte) (*x509.Certificate, error)

    BytesToX509Cert converts bytes (PEM or DER) to an X509 certificate

    func GetCertID

    func GetCertID(bytes []byte) (string, string, error)

      GetCertID returns both the serial number and AKI (Authority Key ID) for the certificate

      func NormalizeURL

      func NormalizeURL(addr string) (*url.URL, error)

        NormalizeURL normalizes a URL (from cfssl)


        type CAConfig

        type CAConfig struct {

          CAConfig ...

          type CertificateDecoder

          type CertificateDecoder struct {
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            CertificateDecoder is needed to keep track of state, to see how many certificates have been returned for each enrollment ID.

            type CertificateStatus

            type CertificateStatus string

              CertificateStatus represents status of an enrollment certificate

              const (
              	// Revoked is the status of a revoked certificate
              	Revoked CertificateStatus = "revoked"
              	// Good is the status of a active certificate
              	Good = "good"

              type Client

              type Client struct {
              	// The client's home directory
              	HomeDir string `json:"homeDir,omitempty"`
              	// The client's configuration
              	Config *ClientConfig
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                Client is the fabric-ca client object

                func (*Client) Enroll

                func (c *Client) Enroll(req *api.EnrollmentRequest) (*EnrollmentResponse, error)

                  Enroll enrolls a new identity @param req The enrollment request

                  func (*Client) GenCSR

                  func (c *Client) GenCSR(req *api.CSRInfo, id string) ([]byte, core.Key, error)

                    GenCSR generates a CSR (Certificate Signing Request)

                    func (*Client) GetCAInfo

                    func (c *Client) GetCAInfo(req *api.GetCAInfoRequest) (*GetCAInfoResponse, error)

                      GetCAInfo returns generic CA information

                      func (*Client) GetCSP

                      func (c *Client) GetCSP() core.CryptoSuite

                        GetCSP returns BCCSP instance associated with this client

                        func (*Client) Init

                        func (c *Client) Init() error

                          Init initializes the client

                          func (*Client) NewIdentity

                          func (c *Client) NewIdentity(creds []credential.Credential) (*Identity, error)

                            NewIdentity creates a new identity

                            func (*Client) NewX509Identity

                            func (c *Client) NewX509Identity(name string, creds []credential.Credential) x509cred.Identity

                              NewX509Identity creates a new identity

                              func (*Client) SendReq

                              func (c *Client) SendReq(req *http.Request, result interface{}) (err error)

                                SendReq sends a request to the fabric-ca-server and fills in the result

                                func (*Client) StreamResponse

                                func (c *Client) StreamResponse(req *http.Request, stream string, cb func(*json.Decoder) error) (err error)

                                  StreamResponse reads the response as it comes back from the server

                                  type ClientConfig

                                  type ClientConfig struct {
                                  	URL        string `def:"http://localhost:7054" opt:"u" help:"URL of fabric-ca-server"`
                                  	MSPDir     string `def:"msp" opt:"M" help:"Membership Service Provider directory"`
                                  	TLS        tls.ClientTLSConfig
                                  	Enrollment api.EnrollmentRequest
                                  	CSR        api.CSRInfo
                                  	ID         api.RegistrationRequest
                                  	Revoke     api.RevocationRequest
                                  	CAInfo     api.GetCAInfoRequest
                                  	CAName     string           `help:"Name of CA"`
                                  	CSP        core.CryptoSuite `mapstructure:"bccsp" hide:"true"`
                                  	ServerName string           `help:"CA server name to be used in case of host name override"`
                                  	Debug    bool   `opt:"d" help:"Enable debug level logging" hide:"true"`
                                  	LogLevel string `help:"Set logging level (info, warning, debug, error, fatal, critical)"`

                                    ClientConfig is the fabric-ca client's config

                                    type EnrollmentResponse

                                    type EnrollmentResponse struct {
                                    	Identity *Identity
                                    	CAInfo   GetCAInfoResponse

                                      EnrollmentResponse is the response from Client.Enroll and Identity.Reenroll

                                      type GetCAInfoResponse

                                      type GetCAInfoResponse struct {
                                      	// CAName is the name of the CA
                                      	CAName string
                                      	// CAChain is the PEM-encoded bytes of the fabric-ca-server's CA chain.
                                      	// The 1st element of the chain is the root CA cert
                                      	CAChain []byte
                                      	// Idemix issuer public key of the CA
                                      	IssuerPublicKey []byte
                                      	// Idemix issuer revocation public key of the CA
                                      	IssuerRevocationPublicKey []byte
                                      	// Version of the server
                                      	Version string

                                        GetCAInfoResponse is the response from the GetCAInfo call

                                        type Identity

                                        type Identity struct {
                                        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                          Identity is fabric-ca's implementation of an identity

                                          func NewIdentity

                                          func NewIdentity(client *Client, name string, creds []credential.Credential) *Identity

                                            NewIdentity is the constructor for identity

                                            func (*Identity) AddAffiliation

                                            func (i *Identity) AddAffiliation(req *api.AddAffiliationRequest) (*api.AffiliationResponse, error)

                                              AddAffiliation adds a new affiliation to the server

                                              func (*Identity) AddIdentity

                                              func (i *Identity) AddIdentity(req *api.AddIdentityRequest) (*api.IdentityResponse, error)

                                                AddIdentity adds a new identity to the server

                                                func (*Identity) Delete

                                                func (i *Identity) Delete(endpoint string, result interface{}, queryParam map[string]string) error

                                                  Delete sends a delete request to an endpoint

                                                  func (*Identity) Get

                                                  func (i *Identity) Get(endpoint, caname string, result interface{}) error

                                                    Get sends a get request to an endpoint

                                                    func (*Identity) GetAffiliation

                                                    func (i *Identity) GetAffiliation(affiliation, caname string) (*api.AffiliationResponse, error)

                                                      GetAffiliation returns information about the requested affiliation

                                                      func (*Identity) GetAllAffiliations

                                                      func (i *Identity) GetAllAffiliations(caname string) (*api.AffiliationResponse, error)

                                                        GetAllAffiliations returns all affiliations that the caller is authorized to see

                                                        func (*Identity) GetAllIdentities

                                                        func (i *Identity) GetAllIdentities(caname string, cb func(*json.Decoder) error) error

                                                          GetAllIdentities returns all identities that the caller is authorized to see

                                                          func (*Identity) GetECert

                                                          func (i *Identity) GetECert() *x509.Signer

                                                            GetECert returns the enrollment certificate signer for this identity Returns nil if the identity does not have a X509 credential

                                                            func (*Identity) GetIdentity

                                                            func (i *Identity) GetIdentity(id, caname string) (*api.GetIDResponse, error)

                                                              GetIdentity returns information about the requested identity

                                                              func (*Identity) GetName

                                                              func (i *Identity) GetName() string

                                                                GetName returns the identity name

                                                                func (*Identity) GetStreamResponse

                                                                func (i *Identity) GetStreamResponse(endpoint string, queryParam map[string]string, stream string, cb func(*json.Decoder) error) error

                                                                  GetStreamResponse sends a request to an endpoint and streams the response

                                                                  func (*Identity) ModifyAffiliation

                                                                  func (i *Identity) ModifyAffiliation(req *api.ModifyAffiliationRequest) (*api.AffiliationResponse, error)

                                                                    ModifyAffiliation renames an existing affiliation on the server

                                                                    func (*Identity) ModifyIdentity

                                                                    func (i *Identity) ModifyIdentity(req *api.ModifyIdentityRequest) (*api.IdentityResponse, error)

                                                                      ModifyIdentity modifies an existing identity on the server

                                                                      func (*Identity) Post

                                                                      func (i *Identity) Post(endpoint string, reqBody []byte, result interface{}, queryParam map[string]string) error

                                                                        Post sends arbitrary request body (reqBody) to an endpoint. This adds an authorization header which contains the signature of this identity over the body and non-signature part of the authorization header. The return value is the body of the response.

                                                                        func (*Identity) Put

                                                                        func (i *Identity) Put(endpoint string, reqBody []byte, queryParam map[string]string, result interface{}) error

                                                                          Put sends a put request to an endpoint

                                                                          func (*Identity) Reenroll

                                                                            Reenroll reenrolls an existing Identity and returns a new Identity @param req The reenrollment request

                                                                            func (*Identity) Register

                                                                            func (i *Identity) Register(req *api.RegistrationRequest) (rr *api.RegistrationResponse, err error)

                                                                              Register registers a new identity @param req The registration request

                                                                              func (*Identity) RemoveAffiliation

                                                                              func (i *Identity) RemoveAffiliation(req *api.RemoveAffiliationRequest) (*api.AffiliationResponse, error)

                                                                                RemoveAffiliation removes an existing affiliation from the server

                                                                                func (*Identity) RemoveIdentity

                                                                                func (i *Identity) RemoveIdentity(req *api.RemoveIdentityRequest) (*api.IdentityResponse, error)

                                                                                  RemoveIdentity removes a new identity from the server

                                                                                  func (*Identity) Revoke

                                                                                    Revoke the identity associated with 'id'

                                                                                    type ServerConfig

                                                                                    type ServerConfig struct {
                                                                                    	CAcfg CAConfig `skip:"true"`

                                                                                      ServerConfig ...


                                                                                      Path Synopsis