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var (
	// AttrOID is the ASN.1 object identifier for an attribute extension in an
	// X509 certificate
	AttrOID = asn1.ObjectIdentifier{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 1}
	// AttrOIDString is the string version of AttrOID
	AttrOIDString = ""


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type Attribute

type Attribute interface {
	// GetName returns the name of the attribute
	GetName() string
	// GetValue returns the value of the attribute
	GetValue() string

    Attribute is a name/value pair

    type AttributeRequest

    type AttributeRequest interface {
    	// GetName returns the name of an attribute
    	GetName() string
    	// IsRequired returns true if the attribute is required
    	IsRequired() bool

      AttributeRequest is a request for an attribute

      type Attributes

      type Attributes struct {
      	Attrs map[string]string `json:"attrs"`

        Attributes contains attribute names and values

        func (*Attributes) Contains

        func (a *Attributes) Contains(name string) bool

          Contains returns true if the named attribute is found

          func (*Attributes) Names

          func (a *Attributes) Names() []string

            Names returns the names of the attributes

            func (*Attributes) True

            func (a *Attributes) True(name string) error

              True returns nil if the value of attribute 'name' is true; otherwise, an appropriate error is returned.

              func (*Attributes) Value

              func (a *Attributes) Value(name string) (string, bool, error)

                Value returns an attribute's value

                type Mgr

                type Mgr struct{}

                  Mgr is the attribute manager and is the main object for this package

                  func New

                  func New() *Mgr

                    New constructs an attribute manager

                    func (*Mgr) AddAttributesToCert

                    func (mgr *Mgr) AddAttributesToCert(attrs *Attributes, cert *x509.Certificate) error

                      AddAttributesToCert adds public attribute info to an X509 certificate.

                      func (*Mgr) GetAttributesFromCert

                      func (mgr *Mgr) GetAttributesFromCert(cert *x509.Certificate) (*Attributes, error)

                        GetAttributesFromCert gets the attributes from a certificate.

                        func (*Mgr) ProcessAttributeRequests

                        func (mgr *Mgr) ProcessAttributeRequests(requests []AttributeRequest, attributes []Attribute) (*Attributes, error)

                          ProcessAttributeRequests takes an array of attribute requests and an identity's attributes and returns an Attributes object containing the requested attributes.

                          func (*Mgr) ProcessAttributeRequestsForCert

                          func (mgr *Mgr) ProcessAttributeRequestsForCert(requests []AttributeRequest, attributes []Attribute, cert *x509.Certificate) error

                            ProcessAttributeRequestsForCert add attributes to an X509 certificate, given attribute requests and attributes.

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