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type Ledger

type Ledger interface {
	// GetBlockchainInfo returns basic info about blockchain
	GetBlockchainInfo() (*common.BlockchainInfo, error)
	// GetBlockByNumber returns block at a given height
	// blockNumber of  math.MaxUint64 will return last block
	GetBlockByNumber(blockNumber uint64) (*common.Block, error)
	// GetBlocksIterator returns an iterator that starts from `startBlockNumber`(inclusive).
	// The iterator is a blocking iterator i.e., it blocks till the next block gets available in the ledger
	// ResultsIterator contains type BlockHolder
	GetBlocksIterator(startBlockNumber uint64) (ResultsIterator, error)
	// Close closes the ledger

    Ledger captures the methods that are common across the 'PeerLedger', 'OrdererLedger', and 'ValidatedLedger'

    type PrunePolicy

    type PrunePolicy interface{}

      PrunePolicy - a general interface for supporting different pruning policies

      type QueryResult

      type QueryResult interface{}

        QueryResult - a general interface for supporting different types of query results. Actual types differ for different queries

        type QueryResultsIterator

        type QueryResultsIterator interface {
        	GetBookmarkAndClose() string

          QueryResultsIterator - an iterator for query result set

          type ResultsIterator

          type ResultsIterator interface {
          	// Next returns the next item in the result set. The `QueryResult` is expected to be nil when
          	// the iterator gets exhausted
          	Next() (QueryResult, error)
          	// Close releases resources occupied by the iterator

            ResultsIterator - an iterator for query result set