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var LabelRegexp = regexp.MustCompile(`^[[:alnum:]][[:alnum:]_.+-]*$`)

    LabelRegexp is the regular expression controlling the allowed characters for the package label.


    func ValidateLabel

    func ValidateLabel(label string) error

      ValidateLabel return an error if the provided label contains any invalid characters, as determined by LabelRegexp.


      type FilesystemIO

      type FilesystemIO struct {

        FilesystemIO is the production implementation of the IOWriter interface

        func (*FilesystemIO) Exists

        func (*FilesystemIO) Exists(path string) (bool, error)

          Exists checks whether a file exists

          func (*FilesystemIO) MakeDir

          func (f *FilesystemIO) MakeDir(dirname string, mode os.FileMode) error

            MakeDir makes a directory on the filesystem (and any necessary parent directories).

            func (*FilesystemIO) ReadDir

            func (f *FilesystemIO) ReadDir(dirname string) ([]os.FileInfo, error)

              ReadDir reads a directory from the filesystem

              func (*FilesystemIO) ReadFile

              func (f *FilesystemIO) ReadFile(filename string) ([]byte, error)

                ReadFile reads a file from the filesystem

                func (*FilesystemIO) Remove

                func (f *FilesystemIO) Remove(name string) error

                  Remove removes a file from the filesystem - used for rolling back an in-flight Save operation upon a failure

                  func (*FilesystemIO) WriteFile

                  func (f *FilesystemIO) WriteFile(path, name string, data []byte) error

                    WriteFile writes a file to the filesystem; it does so atomically by first writing to a temp file and then renaming the file so that if the operation crashes midway we're not stuck with a bad package