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type CodeDescriptor

type CodeDescriptor struct {
	Source       string // absolute path of the source to package
	MetadataRoot string // absolute path META-INF
	Path         string // import path of the package
	Module       bool   // does this represent a go module

    CodeDescriptor describes the code we're packaging.

    func DescribeCode

    func DescribeCode(path string) (*CodeDescriptor, error)

      DescribeCode returns GOPATH and package information.

      type ModuleInfo

      type ModuleInfo struct {
      	Dir        string
      	GoMod      string
      	ImportPath string
      	ModulePath string

      type PackageInfo

      type PackageInfo struct {
      	ImportPath     string
      	Dir            string
      	GoFiles        []string
      	Goroot         bool
      	CFiles         []string
      	CgoFiles       []string
      	HFiles         []string
      	SFiles         []string
      	IgnoredGoFiles []string
      	Incomplete     bool

        PackageInfo is the subset of data from `go list -deps -json` that's necessary to calculate chaincode package dependencies.

        func (PackageInfo) Files

        func (p PackageInfo) Files() []string

        type Platform

        type Platform struct{}

          Platform for chaincodes written in Go

          func (*Platform) GetDeploymentPayload

          func (p *Platform) GetDeploymentPayload(codepath string) ([]byte, error)

            GetDeploymentPayload creates a gzip compressed tape archive that contains the required assets to build and run go chaincode.

            NOTE: this is only used at the _client_ side by the peer CLI.

            func (*Platform) Name

            func (p *Platform) Name() string

              Name returns the name of this platform.

              func (*Platform) NormalizePath

              func (p *Platform) NormalizePath(rawPath string) (string, error)

                NormalizePath is used to extract a relative module path from a module root. This should not impact legacy GOPATH chaincode.

                NOTE: this is only used at the _client_ side by the peer CLI.

                func (*Platform) ValidateCodePackage

                func (p *Platform) ValidateCodePackage(code []byte) error

                  ValidateCodePackage examines the chaincode archive to ensure it is valid.

                  NOTE: this code is used in some transaction validation paths but can be changed post 2.0.

                  func (*Platform) ValidatePath

                  func (p *Platform) ValidatePath(rawPath string) error

                    ValidatePath is used to ensure that path provided points to something that looks like go chainccode.

                    NOTE: this is only used at the _client_ side by the peer CLI.

                    type SourceDescriptor

                    type SourceDescriptor struct {
                    	Name string
                    	Path string

                    type SourceMap

                    type SourceMap map[string]SourceDescriptor

                    func (SourceMap) Directories

                    func (s SourceMap) Directories() []string

                    func (SourceMap) Sources

                    func (s SourceMap) Sources() Sources

                    type Sources

                    type Sources []SourceDescriptor

                    func (Sources) Len

                    func (s Sources) Len() int

                    func (Sources) Less

                    func (s Sources) Less(i, j int) bool

                    func (Sources) Swap

                    func (s Sources) Swap(i, j int)