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var ReqContextTimeoutOverrides = reqContextKey("timeout-overrides")

    ReqContextTimeoutOverrides key for grpc context value of timeout overrides


    func NewRequest

    func NewRequest(client context.Client, options ...ReqContextOptions) (reqContext.Context, reqContext.CancelFunc)

      NewRequest creates a request-scoped context.

      func RequestClientContext

      func RequestClientContext(ctx reqContext.Context) (context.Client, bool)

        RequestClientContext extracts the Client Context from the request-scoped context.

        func RequestCommManager

        func RequestCommManager(ctx reqContext.Context) (fab.CommManager, bool)

          RequestCommManager extracts the CommManager from the request-scoped context.


          type Channel

          type Channel struct {
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            Channel supplies the configuration for channel context client

            func NewChannel

            func NewChannel(clientProvider context.ClientProvider, channelID string) (*Channel, error)

              NewChannel creates new channel context client Not be used by end developers, fabsdk package use only

              func (*Channel) ChannelID

              func (c *Channel) ChannelID() string

                ChannelID returns channel id

                func (*Channel) ChannelService

                func (c *Channel) ChannelService() fab.ChannelService

                  ChannelService returns channel service

                  func (*Channel) Providers

                  func (c *Channel) Providers() context.Client

                    Providers returns core providers

                    type Client

                    type Client struct {

                      Client supplies the configuration and signing identity to client objects.

                      type Local

                      type Local struct {
                      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                        Local supplies the configuration and signing identity to clients that will be invoking the peer outside of a channel context using an identity in the peer's local MSP.

                        func NewLocal

                        func NewLocal(clientProvider context.ClientProvider) (*Local, error)

                          NewLocal returns a new local context

                          func (*Local) LocalDiscoveryService

                          func (c *Local) LocalDiscoveryService() fab.DiscoveryService

                            LocalDiscoveryService returns core discovery service

                            type Provider

                            type Provider struct {
                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                              Provider implementation of Providers interface

                              func NewProvider

                              func NewProvider(params ...SDKContextParams) *Provider

                                NewProvider creates new context client provider Not be used by end developers, fabsdk package use only

                                func (*Provider) ChannelProvider

                                func (c *Provider) ChannelProvider() fab.ChannelProvider

                                  ChannelProvider provides channel services.

                                  func (*Provider) CryptoSuite

                                  func (c *Provider) CryptoSuite() core.CryptoSuite

                                    CryptoSuite returns the BCCSP provider of sdk.

                                    func (*Provider) EndpointConfig

                                    func (c *Provider) EndpointConfig() fab.EndpointConfig

                                      EndpointConfig returns end point network config

                                      func (*Provider) GetMetrics

                                      func (c *Provider) GetMetrics() *metrics.ClientMetrics

                                        GetMetrics will return the SDK's metrics instance

                                        func (*Provider) IdentityConfig

                                        func (c *Provider) IdentityConfig() msp.IdentityConfig

                                          IdentityConfig returns the Identity config

                                          func (*Provider) IdentityManager

                                          func (c *Provider) IdentityManager(orgName string) (msp.IdentityManager, bool)

                                            IdentityManager returns identity manager for organization

                                            func (*Provider) InfraProvider

                                            func (c *Provider) InfraProvider() fab.InfraProvider

                                              InfraProvider provides fabric objects such as peer and user

                                              func (*Provider) LocalDiscoveryProvider

                                              func (c *Provider) LocalDiscoveryProvider() fab.LocalDiscoveryProvider

                                                LocalDiscoveryProvider returns the local discovery provider

                                                func (*Provider) SigningManager

                                                func (c *Provider) SigningManager() core.SigningManager

                                                  SigningManager returns signing manager

                                                  func (*Provider) UserStore

                                                  func (c *Provider) UserStore() msp.UserStore

                                                    UserStore returns state store

                                                    type ReqContextOptions

                                                    type ReqContextOptions func(opts *requestContextOpts)

                                                      ReqContextOptions parameter for creating requestContext

                                                      func WithParent

                                                      func WithParent(context reqContext.Context) ReqContextOptions

                                                        WithParent sets existing reqContext as a parent ReqContext

                                                        func WithTimeout

                                                        func WithTimeout(timeout time.Duration) ReqContextOptions

                                                          WithTimeout sets timeout time duration to request context

                                                          func WithTimeoutType

                                                          func WithTimeoutType(timeoutType fab.TimeoutType) ReqContextOptions

                                                            WithTimeoutType sets timeout by type defined in config to request context

                                                            type SDKContextParams

                                                            type SDKContextParams func(opts *Provider)

                                                              SDKContextParams parameter for creating FabContext

                                                              func WithChannelProvider

                                                              func WithChannelProvider(channelProvider fab.ChannelProvider) SDKContextParams

                                                                WithChannelProvider sets channelProvider to Context Provider

                                                                func WithClientMetrics

                                                                func WithClientMetrics(cm *metrics.ClientMetrics) SDKContextParams

                                                                  WithClientMetrics sets clientMetrics to Context Provider

                                                                  func WithCryptoSuite

                                                                  func WithCryptoSuite(cryptoSuite core.CryptoSuite) SDKContextParams

                                                                    WithCryptoSuite sets cryptosuite parameter to Context Provider

                                                                    func WithCryptoSuiteConfig

                                                                    func WithCryptoSuiteConfig(cryptoSuiteConfig core.CryptoSuiteConfig) SDKContextParams

                                                                      WithCryptoSuiteConfig sets core cryptoSuite config to Context Provider

                                                                      func WithEndpointConfig

                                                                      func WithEndpointConfig(endpointConfig fab.EndpointConfig) SDKContextParams

                                                                        WithEndpointConfig sets fab endpoint network config to Context Provider

                                                                        func WithIdentityConfig

                                                                        func WithIdentityConfig(identityConfig msp.IdentityConfig) SDKContextParams

                                                                          WithIdentityConfig sets msp identity config to Context Provider

                                                                          func WithIdentityManagerProvider

                                                                          func WithIdentityManagerProvider(provider msp.IdentityManagerProvider) SDKContextParams

                                                                            WithIdentityManagerProvider sets IdentityManagerProvider maps to context

                                                                            func WithInfraProvider

                                                                            func WithInfraProvider(infraProvider fab.InfraProvider) SDKContextParams

                                                                              WithInfraProvider sets infraProvider maps to Context Provider

                                                                              func WithLocalDiscoveryProvider

                                                                              func WithLocalDiscoveryProvider(discoveryProvider fab.LocalDiscoveryProvider) SDKContextParams

                                                                                WithLocalDiscoveryProvider sets the local discovery provider

                                                                                func WithSigningManager

                                                                                func WithSigningManager(signingManager core.SigningManager) SDKContextParams

                                                                                  WithSigningManager sets signingManager to Context Provider

                                                                                  func WithUserStore

                                                                                  func WithUserStore(userStore msp.UserStore) SDKContextParams

                                                                                    WithUserStore sets user store to Context Provider

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