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func GetPrivateKeyFromCert

func GetPrivateKeyFromCert(cert []byte, cs core.CryptoSuite) (core.Key, error)

    GetPrivateKeyFromCert will return private key represented by SKI in cert's public key

    func GetPublicKeyFromCert

    func GetPublicKeyFromCert(cert []byte, cs core.CryptoSuite) (core.Key, error)

      GetPublicKeyFromCert will return public key the from cert

      func X509KeyPair

      func X509KeyPair(certPEMBlock []byte, pk core.Key, cs core.CryptoSuite) (tls.Certificate, error)

        X509KeyPair will return cer/key pair used for mutual TLS


        type PrivateKey

        type PrivateKey struct {
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          PrivateKey is signer implementation for golang client TLS

          func (*PrivateKey) Public

          func (priv *PrivateKey) Public() crypto.PublicKey

            Public returns the public key corresponding to private key

            func (*PrivateKey) Sign

            func (priv *PrivateKey) Sign(rand io.Reader, msg []byte, opts crypto.SignerOpts) ([]byte, error)

              Sign signs msg with priv, reading randomness from rand. If opts is a *PSSOptions then the PSS algorithm will be used, otherwise PKCS#1 v1.5 will be used. This method is intended to support keys where the private part is kept in, for example, a hardware module.

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