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type ConfigLookup

type ConfigLookup struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    ConfigLookup is wrapper for core.ConfigBackend which performs key lookup and unmarshalling

    func New

    func New(coreBackends ...core.ConfigBackend) *ConfigLookup

      New providers lookup wrapper around given backend

      func (*ConfigLookup) GetBool

      func (c *ConfigLookup) GetBool(key string) bool

        GetBool returns bool value for given key

        func (*ConfigLookup) GetDuration

        func (c *ConfigLookup) GetDuration(key string) time.Duration

          GetDuration returns time.Duration value for given key

          func (*ConfigLookup) GetInt

          func (c *ConfigLookup) GetInt(key string) int

            GetInt returns int value for given key

            func (*ConfigLookup) GetLowerString

            func (c *ConfigLookup) GetLowerString(key string) string

              GetLowerString returns lower case string value for given key

              func (*ConfigLookup) GetString

              func (c *ConfigLookup) GetString(key string) string

                GetString returns string value for given key

                func (*ConfigLookup) Lookup

                func (c *ConfigLookup) Lookup(key string) (interface{}, bool)

                  Lookup returns value for given key

                  func (*ConfigLookup) UnmarshalKey

                  func (c *ConfigLookup) UnmarshalKey(key string, rawVal interface{}, opts ...UnmarshalOption) error

                    UnmarshalKey unmarshals value for given key to rawval type

                    type UnmarshalOption

                    type UnmarshalOption func(o *unmarshalOpts)

                      UnmarshalOption describes a functional parameter unmarshaling

                      func WithUnmarshalHookFunction

                      func WithUnmarshalHookFunction(hookFunction mapstructure.DecodeHookFunc) UnmarshalOption

                        WithUnmarshalHookFunction provides an option to pass Custom Decode Hook Func for unmarshaling

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