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func NewMockSigningManager

func NewMockSigningManager() core.SigningManager

    NewMockSigningManager Constructor for a mock signing manager.


    type MockConfigBackend

    type MockConfigBackend struct {
    	//KeyValueMap map to override CustomBackend key-values.
    	KeyValueMap map[string]interface{}

      MockConfigBackend mocks config backend for unit tests

      func BackendFromFile

      func BackendFromFile(configPath string) (*MockConfigBackend, error)

        BackendFromFile returns MockConfigBackend populated from file

        func (*MockConfigBackend) Get

        func (b *MockConfigBackend) Get(key string) (interface{}, bool)

          Get returns a value from the backend

          func (*MockConfigBackend) Lookup

          func (b *MockConfigBackend) Lookup(key string) (interface{}, bool)

            Lookup returns or unmarshals value for given key

            func (*MockConfigBackend) Set

            func (b *MockConfigBackend) Set(key string, value interface{}) bool

              Set sets a backend value

              type MockCoreContext

              type MockCoreContext struct {
              	MockConfig            core.CryptoSuiteConfig
              	MockCryptoSuite       core.CryptoSuite
              	MockUserStore         msp.UserStore
              	MockSigningManager    core.SigningManager
              	MockCryptoSuiteConfig core.CryptoSuiteConfig

                MockCoreContext is a mock core context

                func (*MockCoreContext) CryptoSuite

                func (m *MockCoreContext) CryptoSuite() core.CryptoSuite

                  CryptoSuite ...

                  func (*MockCoreContext) CryptoSuiteConfig

                  func (m *MockCoreContext) CryptoSuiteConfig() core.CryptoSuiteConfig

                    CryptoSuiteConfig ...

                    func (*MockCoreContext) SigningManager

                    func (m *MockCoreContext) SigningManager() core.SigningManager

                      SigningManager ...

                      type MockSigningManager

                      type MockSigningManager struct {

                        MockSigningManager is mock signing manager

                        func (*MockSigningManager) Sign

                        func (mgr *MockSigningManager) Sign(object []byte, key core.Key) ([]byte, error)

                          Sign will sign the given object using provided key