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func MSPID

func MSPID(cfg fab.EndpointConfig, org string) (string, bool)

    MSPID returns the MSP ID for the requested organization

    func NetworkPeerConfig

    func NetworkPeerConfig(cfg fab.EndpointConfig, key string) (*fab.NetworkPeer, error)

      NetworkPeerConfig fetches the peer configuration based on a key (name or URL).

      func OptsFromPeerConfig

      func OptsFromPeerConfig(peerCfg *fab.PeerConfig) []options.Opt

        OptsFromPeerConfig returns a set of connection options from the given peer config

        func SearchPeerConfigFromURL

        func SearchPeerConfigFromURL(cfg fab.EndpointConfig, url string) (*fab.PeerConfig, error)

          SearchPeerConfigFromURL searches for the peer configuration based on a URL.

          func WithCertificate

          func WithCertificate(value *x509.Certificate) options.Opt

            WithCertificate sets the X509 certificate used for the TLS connection

            func WithConnectTimeout

            func WithConnectTimeout(value time.Duration) options.Opt

              WithConnectTimeout sets the GRPC connection timeout

              func WithFailFast

              func WithFailFast(value bool) options.Opt

                WithFailFast sets the GRPC fail-fast parameter

                func WithHostOverride

                func WithHostOverride(value string) options.Opt

                  WithHostOverride sets the host name that will be used to resolve the TLS certificate

                  func WithInsecure

                  func WithInsecure() options.Opt

                    WithInsecure indicates to fall back to an insecure connection if the connection URL does not specify a protocol

                    func WithKeepAliveParams

                    func WithKeepAliveParams(value keepalive.ClientParameters) options.Opt

                      WithKeepAliveParams sets the GRPC keep-alive parameters

                      func WithParentContext

                      func WithParentContext(value context.Context) options.Opt

                        WithParentContext sets the parent context


                        type CachingConnector

                        type CachingConnector struct {
                        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                          CachingConnector provides the ability to cache GRPC connections. It provides a GRPC compatible Context Dialer interface via the "DialContext" method. Connections provided by this component are monitored for becoming idle or entering shutdown state. When connections has its usages closed for longer than "idleTime", the connection is closed and removed from the connection cache. Callers must release connections by calling the "ReleaseConn" method. The Close method will flush all remaining open connections. This component should be considered unusable after calling Close.

                          This component has been designed to be safe for concurrency.

                          func NewCachingConnector

                          func NewCachingConnector(sweepTime time.Duration, idleTime time.Duration) *CachingConnector

                            NewCachingConnector creates a GRPC connection cache. The cache is governed by sweepTime and idleTime.

                            func (*CachingConnector) Close

                            func (cc *CachingConnector) Close()

                              Close cleans up cached connections.

                              func (*CachingConnector) DialContext

                              func (cc *CachingConnector) DialContext(ctx context.Context, target string, opts ...grpc.DialOption) (*grpc.ClientConn, error)

                                DialContext is a wrapper for grpc.DialContext where connections are cached.

                                func (*CachingConnector) ReleaseConn

                                func (cc *CachingConnector) ReleaseConn(conn *grpc.ClientConn)

                                  ReleaseConn notifies the cache that the connection is no longer in use.

                                  type GRPCConnection

                                  type GRPCConnection struct {
                                  	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                    GRPCConnection manages the GRPC connection and client stream

                                    func NewConnection

                                    func NewConnection(ctx fabcontext.Client, url string, opts ...options.Opt) (*GRPCConnection, error)

                                      NewConnection creates a new connection

                                      func (*GRPCConnection) ClientConn

                                      func (c *GRPCConnection) ClientConn() *grpc.ClientConn

                                        ClientConn returns the underlying GRPC connection

                                        func (*GRPCConnection) Close

                                        func (c *GRPCConnection) Close()

                                          Close closes the connection

                                          func (*GRPCConnection) Closed

                                          func (c *GRPCConnection) Closed() bool

                                            Closed returns true if the connection has been closed

                                            func (*GRPCConnection) Context

                                            func (c *GRPCConnection) Context() fabcontext.Client

                                              Context returns the context of the client establishing the connection

                                              func (*GRPCConnection) TLSCertHash

                                              func (c *GRPCConnection) TLSCertHash() []byte

                                                TLSCertHash returns the hash of the TLS cert

                                                type MockCommManager

                                                type MockCommManager struct {

                                                  MockCommManager is a non-caching comm manager used for unit testing

                                                  func (*MockCommManager) DialContext

                                                  func (m *MockCommManager) DialContext(ctx context.Context, target string, opts ...grpc.DialOption) (*grpc.ClientConn, error)

                                                    DialContext creates a connection

                                                    func (*MockCommManager) ReleaseConn

                                                    func (m *MockCommManager) ReleaseConn(conn *grpc.ClientConn)

                                                      ReleaseConn closes the connection

                                                      type MockInfraProvider

                                                      type MockInfraProvider struct {

                                                        MockInfraProvider overrides the comm manager to return the MockCommManager

                                                        func NewMockInfraProvider

                                                        func NewMockInfraProvider() *MockInfraProvider

                                                          NewMockInfraProvider return a new MockInfraProvider

                                                          func (*MockInfraProvider) CommManager

                                                          func (f *MockInfraProvider) CommManager() fab.CommManager

                                                            CommManager returns the MockCommManager

                                                            type StreamConnection

                                                            type StreamConnection struct {
                                                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                              StreamConnection manages the GRPC connection and client stream

                                                              func NewStreamConnection

                                                              func NewStreamConnection(ctx fabcontext.Client, chConfig fab.ChannelCfg, streamProvider StreamProvider, url string, opts ...options.Opt) (*StreamConnection, error)

                                                                NewStreamConnection creates a new connection with stream

                                                                func (*StreamConnection) ChannelConfig

                                                                func (c *StreamConnection) ChannelConfig() fab.ChannelCfg

                                                                  ChannelConfig returns the channel configuration

                                                                  func (*StreamConnection) Close

                                                                  func (c *StreamConnection) Close()

                                                                    Close closes the connection

                                                                    func (*StreamConnection) Stream

                                                                    func (c *StreamConnection) Stream() grpc.ClientStream

                                                                      Stream returns the GRPC stream

                                                                      type StreamProvider

                                                                      type StreamProvider func(conn *grpc.ClientConn) (grpc.ClientStream, func(), error)

                                                                        StreamProvider creates a GRPC stream