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func CcCalls

func CcCalls(ccNames ...string) []*discovery.ChaincodeCall

    CcCalls creates an array of ChaincodeCalls based of cc names, can be used in AddPeersQuery(CcCalls(...))

    func CcInterests

    func CcInterests(invocationsChains ...[]*discovery.ChaincodeCall) []*discovery.ChaincodeInterest

      CcInterests creates an array of ChaincodeInterests based of ChaincodeCalls, can be used in AddEndorsersQuery(CcInterests(CcCalls(...)))

      func GetProperties

      func GetProperties(endpoint *discclient.Peer) fab.Properties

        GetProperties extracts the properties from the discovered peer.


        type Client

        type Client interface {
        	Send(ctx context.Context, req *Request, targets ...fab.PeerConfig) (<-chan Response, error)

          Client gives ability to send discovery request to multiple targets. There are cases when multiple targets requested and some of them are hanging, recommended to cancel ctx after first successful response. Note: "access denied" is a success response, so check for it after response evaluation.

          func New

          func New(ctx fabcontext.Client) (Client, error)

            New returns a new Discover client

            type MockDiscoverEndpointResponse

            type MockDiscoverEndpointResponse struct {
            	Target        string
            	PeerEndpoints []*mocks.MockDiscoveryPeerEndpoint
            	Error         error
            	EndorsersErr  error

              MockDiscoverEndpointResponse contains a mock response for the discover client

              func (*MockDiscoverEndpointResponse) Build

                Build builds a mock discovery response

                type MockDiscoveryClient

                type MockDiscoveryClient struct {
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  MockDiscoveryClient implements a mock Discover service

                  func NewMockDiscoveryClient

                  func NewMockDiscoveryClient() *MockDiscoveryClient

                    NewMockDiscoveryClient returns a new mock Discover service

                    func (*MockDiscoveryClient) Send

                    func (m *MockDiscoveryClient) Send(ctx context.Context, req *Request, targets ...fab.PeerConfig) (<-chan Response, error)

                      Send sends a Discovery request

                      func (*MockDiscoveryClient) SetResponses

                      func (m *MockDiscoveryClient) SetResponses(responses ...MockResponseBuilder)

                        SetResponses sets the responses that the mock client should return from the Send function

                        type MockResponseBuilder

                        type MockResponseBuilder interface {
                        	Build() Response

                          MockResponseBuilder builds a mock discovery response

                          type Request

                          type Request struct {
                          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                            Request aggregates several queries inside it

                            func NewRequest

                            func NewRequest() *Request

                              NewRequest creates a new request

                              func (*Request) AddConfigQuery

                              func (req *Request) AddConfigQuery() *Request

                                AddConfigQuery adds to the request a config query

                                func (*Request) AddEndorsersQuery

                                func (req *Request) AddEndorsersQuery(interests ...*discovery.ChaincodeInterest) (*Request, error)

                                  AddEndorsersQuery adds to the request a query for given chaincodes interests are the chaincode interests that the client wants to query for. All interests for a given channel should be supplied in an aggregated slice

                                  func (*Request) AddLocalPeersQuery

                                  func (req *Request) AddLocalPeersQuery() *Request

                                    AddLocalPeersQuery adds to the request a local peer query

                                    func (*Request) AddPeersQuery

                                    func (req *Request) AddPeersQuery(invocationChain ...*discovery.ChaincodeCall) *Request

                                      AddPeersQuery adds to the request a peer query

                                      func (*Request) OfChannel

                                      func (req *Request) OfChannel(ch string) *Request

                                        OfChannel sets the next queries added to be in the given channel's context

                                        type Response

                                        type Response interface {
                                        	Target() string
                                        	Error() error

                                          Response extends the response from the Discovery invocation on the peer by adding the endpoint URL of the peer that was invoked.


                                          Path Synopsis