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func WithBlockNum

func WithBlockNum(value uint64) options.Opt

    WithBlockNum specifies the block number from which events are to be received. Note that this option is only valid if SeekType is set to SeekFrom.

    func WithSeekType

    func WithSeekType(value seek.Type) options.Opt

      WithSeekType specifies the point from which block events are to be received.


      type Client

      type Client struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        Client connects to a peer and receives channel events, such as bock, filtered block, chaincode, and transaction status events.

        func New

        func New(context fabcontext.Client, chConfig fab.ChannelCfg, discoveryService fab.DiscoveryService, opts ...options.Opt) (*Client, error)

          New returns a new deliver event client

          func (*Client) PermitBlockEvents

          func (p *Client) PermitBlockEvents()

          func (*Client) SetConnectionProvider

          func (p *Client) SetConnectionProvider(connProvider api.ConnectionProvider)

            SetConnectionProvider is only used in unit tests

            func (*Client) SetFromBlock

            func (p *Client) SetFromBlock(value uint64)

            func (*Client) SetResponseTimeout

            func (p *Client) SetResponseTimeout(value time.Duration)

            func (*Client) SetSeekType

            func (p *Client) SetSeekType(value seek.Type)

            func (*Client) SetSnapshot

            func (p *Client) SetSnapshot(value fab.EventSnapshot) error


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