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type MockDeliverServer

type MockDeliverServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    MockDeliverServer is a mock deliver server

    func NewMockDeliverServer

    func NewMockDeliverServer() *MockDeliverServer

      NewMockDeliverServer returns a new MockDeliverServer

      func NewMockDeliverServerWithDeliveries

      func NewMockDeliverServerWithDeliveries(d <-chan *cb.Block) *MockDeliverServer

        NewMockDeliverServerWithDeliveries returns a new MockDeliverServer using Deliveries channel with common.Block

        func NewMockDeliverServerWithFilteredDeliveries

        func NewMockDeliverServerWithFilteredDeliveries(d <-chan *pb.FilteredBlock) *MockDeliverServer

          NewMockDeliverServerWithFilteredDeliveries returns a new MockDeliverServer using filteredDeliveries channel with FilteredBlock

          func (*MockDeliverServer) Deliver

            Deliver delivers a stream of blocks

            func (*MockDeliverServer) DeliverFiltered

            func (s *MockDeliverServer) DeliverFiltered(srv pb.Deliver_DeliverFilteredServer) error

              DeliverFiltered delivers a stream of filtered blocks

              func (*MockDeliverServer) DeliverWithPrivateData

                DeliverWithPrivateData is not implemented

                func (*MockDeliverServer) Disconnect

                func (s *MockDeliverServer) Disconnect(err error)

                  Disconnect terminates the stream and returns the given error to the client

                  func (*MockDeliverServer) SetStatus

                  func (s *MockDeliverServer) SetStatus(status cb.Status)

                    SetStatus sets the status to return when calling Deliver or DeliverFiltered

                    func (*MockDeliverServer) Status

                    func (s *MockDeliverServer) Status() cb.Status

                      Status returns the status that's returned when calling Deliver or DeliverFiltered

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